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New Death Guard player

- - - - - Returning to the game in 8th Would like help with building a list

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Iron Sage

Iron Sage


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Hello bothers and sisters! It has been a while, years in fact, since I last used this forum. I am finally back in the game after years in the wilderness!


First of all, I have only played 6 games in 8th, all with my Iron Warriors, so I am not particularly experienced with the edition yet (but like it so far much better than 7th!). Particularly, I am not yet well versed with what works and what doesn't, although my defilers have been disappointing, so I guess they don't work well.


I write here today to get some help with list building for my nascent and growing Death Guard army. I play casual games, but with relatively decent opponents, so I need something semi competitive so I have a good sporting chance, while ultra top tier is not needed, as I am not yet aiming for tournament play (mostly due to there being no tournaments in the vicinity of where i live). While I have substantial Iron Warrior forces and significant Thousand Sons forces, I am looking to build a fairly fluffy list, so it will mostly all be WYSIWYG, so I will therefore not use Iron Warrior models to proxy due to esthetics.


As for my growing army. It is made up of Death Guard and Nurgle Daemons, and I want to keep it Mono Nurgle. The only possible addition is Belakor due to fluff (and since I painted the model real nicely) if it is needed in a list.


My models:

1 Lord of Contagion (my opponents are okay with this being Typhus, and so am I, since the models are very similar)

1 chaos lord with sword and plasma pistol (Dark Vengeance)

1 Helbrute with multi melta and fist, and a flamer if I would like (Dark Vengeance)

6 Nurgling bases.

30 Plaguebearers with full command

1 Nurgle Herald

1 Nurgle Scrivener herald to boost movement for plague bearers and such

2 Foetid Blight drones with plague spitters

1 noxious blightbringer

1 malignant plaguecaster

40 pox walkers

approx 35 cultists (from my Iron Warrior army, but they don't have legion markings so can easily be used in a Death Guard formation)

1 chaos land raider

1 defiler

1 Great Unclean One (ancient model, so has a sword and claw instead of a plague flail, but I reckon my opponents are okay with my proxying it as a bilesword and plagueflail model)

Belakor (kind of Nurgle)


Plague Marines: 5 with bolters (If I use old pre-8th edition models, I have more, though they are shorter and look worse), 4 plasma gunners, 2 with blight launchers, 2 with bubotic axe and knife, 1 with flail, 1 with 2 knives. 1 champion with fist and plague sword and 1 champion with fist, plague sword and plasma gun. 1 unbuilt champion that I can equip with mostly anything.

1 Biologus Putrifier

3 plague drones, no command


My aim is for a 1500 point list, and then build that up to 2k eventually.  I am thinking of using 2 battalions, 1 Death Guard and 1 Daemon.


So far I have a Daemon battalion of 488 points (herald, scrivener, 30 plaguebearers with command, 2 x 3 nurglings) which I reckon seems useful. I am looking to use the rest of the points for Death Guard. Not 100% sure which faction to use as main for the warlord trait, but ideally Death Guard.


One lose Idea I have is to use the land raider with CC plague marines, a biologus putrifier, noxious blightbringer and malignant plagecaster (would be super expensive though, but I guess thats what land raider units are) and grenade the hell out of the enemy using stratagem, before charging. A gimmick for sure, but sounds fun.

I hear the foetid blight drones are really good, so want to include 2 of them.



But yes, if you are kind enough to give me some solid advice, I would be most grateful. Never played Death Guard before but really looking forward to using my models.


Addendum: I am also open to buying more models, (will buy plage crawlers and mortarion in time, but right now it's too expensive for me)


But yes, for those who wish to help me, if any, thank you kindly smile.png

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Iron Sage

Iron Sage


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  • Location:Norway

Addendum 2: While I own 3 daemon princes, they are either Khornate or Tzeentchian and would all look bad besides my Nurgle host. Hopefully it is possible to build a list without a daemon prince since I am not looking to buy a 4th (though I guess I could use Belakor as counts-as in a pinch, since he has no visible allegiance to the other gods).




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Personal thoughts on DPs:

Khorne DP: First copy is awesome. With the relic "skullreaver" he has some potential to chop down an Imperial knight in 1 turn. Beyond the first, awkward. No access to psychic really hurts.

Nurgle DP: First copy is very effective, with the relic "surppurating armor". Beyond the first, they are OKay.

Tzeentch DP: Best DP on default. TSons DP is arguably the most effective and versatile psyker unit, in the whole game. With strategems improve cast rolls when have comrades nearby, more Tzeentch DPs are more effective than alone."Ahriman and 2 DP" is popular and effective cofigulation.

So your model collection won't be a problem. You can insert some best units from other chaos gods, while keep playing a Nurgle-based army.

Iron Sage

Iron Sage


  • 1,492 posts
  • Location:Norway

Sadly my Khornate Prince has a sword and claw (It is my worst prince when it comes to load out, as the others have malefic claws). However I own 2 old style bloodthirsters that can use the special axe.

As for my Death Guard, I have decided to allow myself, if my opponents agree, to use one of my 2 Tzeentchian ones (the one without overt tzeentch arkings or mutations) as counts-as. So I got one available I guess.

Thank you very much for your insight though!

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