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Dusting off the dust bunnies

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Dolchiate Remembrancer

Dolchiate Remembrancer


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Hail Brethren!


Well I haven't touched a 40K model in 8 months. Its been rough for both my armies and my usual opponent's crushing victories got the better of me so I decided to shelve everything until my head could get to a better place.


I think that time might be coming upon me and so I would like to propose the two following lists for your approval and critique. I'll have some purchases to make for both lists and don't quite know what route to go with.


2000 Points No Daemons



2000 Points With Daemons



My opponent uses either Emperor's Children, Eldar, Dark Eldar or Tau. All very powerful shooty armies and from my own experience he is notorious with 6 sided die...he probably has an average of 4.5 instead of the expected 3 or 3.5...


Well. What say you? Which of these has a shot?

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Pink horrors should be used in 20+ units to benefit from their buff.  It's not worth paying for the split IMO.

I would use Rubric in unit of 5 or 20 (to benefit from our psychic buff), 9, while fluffy is an odd number.

You cultist blog is going to die to moral test without any means to get immune to moral (like Abaddon).  You them in unit of 10 for screening or backfield objective holding.

You need at least 2 big threat in your army.  You have some psykers so smite will be a threat (I would like more though) but beside that there is not much threat to the armies you are facing.  No big tzaangor blob, no big unit of buffed scarab occult...etc


Dark Eldars and Tau will make short work of your armors, if you are regulary facing these, I would go all infantry.

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