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Nightsworn - Dark Eldar Project Log

Nightsworn Dark Eldar Drukhari Necromancy Aeldari Elf Dark Elves Fantasy 40k Aelf

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Hello everyone I've been doing project logs for a while (and I even have one on this site in the Dark Eldar section but I didn't know that this existed at the time as I'm still kinda new to Bolter & Chainsword.  


Anyway I play Dark Eldar and have been making a converted army in the theme of Necromancy, Armor, and Kabals (you'll see some of these themes as I post images) if you all would like I could start posting lore to go with each of the models as well. Anyway on with the show!


Talos Pain Engines

IMG 20171130 214607012



IMG 20171130 214806681
Bolter 1



Project Log 3
Project Log 4
My first conversions (These are pretty much a test now but I'll put em here anyway)
WIP Mandrakes (Conversion not Complete)
Drakes 1
Drakes 2
Drakes 3
Drakes 4
Drakes 5


Wyches-Kill Team (You can see some of my other projects here if you look)



Archon Conversion



Anyway I hope you guys like some of my conversions and more will be on the way, and I look forward to your comments :)

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Apologies if this is threadomancy but I just want to say that I love what your doing with these conversions biggrin.png I especially love the Incubi and the Talos (or is it Taloi for plural?) Anyway keep it up my friend happy.png

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