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Working on a list...2000 points

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wulfgar hammerfist

wulfgar hammerfist


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I have been away from the game for a good while now but intend to get back into it.  Below is a draft list based on the models that I own. I'm not opposed to additional purchases but would rather get a solid list together before I start painting all of it up.  Please have a look and let me know what you think.  I'l be starting out casually but intend to go competitive once I get to grips with 8th edition.


Battalion  [1400pts]

Chaos Lord, bale sword, combi-bolter, warlord, arch-contaminator



10 Cultists

10 Cultists

10 Cultists


10 Blightlord Terminators, 2x blight launchers, 2x flail of corruption

Foul Blightspawn


Foetid Bloat Drone, 2x plaguespitter

Foetid Bloat Drone, 2x plaguespitter

Foetid Bloat Drone, 2x plaguespitter


Spearhead [600]

Daemon Prince, 2x talons, wings, supperating plate

Plagueburst Crawler, 2x plaguespitter

Plagueburst Crawler, 2x plaguespitter

Plagueburst Crawler, 2x plaguespitter


The chaos lord hangs back with the crawlers to buff the plague weapons. Typhus drops in with the Blightlords to buff them with psychic powers and provide some extra close combat punch to them.  The drones and prince are harassment units used to tie up vehicles and other threats.  The cultists hold objectives in the backfield. Terminators drop in on a flank and disrupt the enemy's rear.  I am considering dropping a drone for a Feculent Gnarlymaw in a chaos daemon fortification detachment and then using any left over points to beef up the cultists.



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