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Inspirational Friday: Chaos versus Drukhari (until 9/21)

Inspirational Friday Inspirational Friday 2018

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For those who do not know it, Inspiration Friday is a (generally) fortnightly event within its home in the Chaos Space Marines forum, in which a topic is set for members to write short (or long if the muse takes you) fluff/fan-fic pieces about their war bands, characters and models, or alternatively their non-Chaos models pitted against the forces of Chaos.

And here begins our fifteenth challenge of Inspirational Friday 2018:
The Primordial Annihilator versus the Drukhari

The Aeldari empire brought about its own demise, falling into debauchery and wickedness. The Exodites were the first to recognise the folly of their race and the dangers to come, fleeing their worlds for a simpler life. Those of the craftworlds escaped just in time...but these two factions were not the only survivors for within the Webway, that labyrinth dimension betwixt reality and the warp, a great bastion of depravity and horror evaded the death of their empire: Commorragh -a ‘city’ in the loosest possible sense-, and within it a race that did not turn from their old ways.
The Eladrith Ynneas.
The Drukhari.
The Dark Eldar.
Pirates, assassins, flesh-crafters and murderers, they feed upon fear and pain: the only way to replenish their withering flesh and souls as She Who Thirsts feeds steadily upon their very existence.

The theme of the fifteenth challenge is The Primordial Annihilator versus the Drukhari.
Tell us a tale of the Dark Eldar -as protagonists or antagonists- against the forces of Chaos. And while Slaanesh might be their most obvious foe, Inspirational Friday yearns for diverse tales.*

IF2018: Chaos versus Dark Eldar runs until the 14th of September.
Let us be inspired.

The winner (chosen by the victor of the previous challenge) shall claim not the Octed amulet:
...but the amulet of Commorragh:
...and the honour of judging the next topic (which they can forfeit to me if they wish).

* with a thirst rivalling that of the Dark Prince’s for Aeldar souls.

Please post entries not here but in the main IF2018 thread in the CSM forum.




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The deadline is extended until the 21st of September.
With the excellent, rich dark Eldar fluff I really hope to have some entries from this forum’s members. Entries do not have to be long, just write a little bit about A character or unit you like (opposing/fighting Chaos).




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I'll see what I can get written up, maybe some Haemonculi research on Chaos...

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"And then Horus landed on the Moon, which looked like the moon. Funny that, isn't it?"

You're hired.

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