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Imperium Divided: An Alternate Great Crusade/Heresy

Legions Missing Legions Primarchs Great Crusade 30k

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Encrypted File: DSP///TERRA. . .
Recipients: Wider Imperium. . .
Decrypting. . .

Greetings venerable battle brothers and filthy xenos scum!

I present to you a new project. Imperium Divided, another AU story of new Primarchs, legions, and their struggles for dominance over the galaxy.


What we're looking for:
- People with a decent knowledge of the Great Crusade/Horus Heresy Era with their own unique ideas.


- Warhammer fans with their own 'lost legions' to replace the canon ones in an alternate version of the Great Crusade.

- Artists and writers able to tell stories around these legions and the myriad forces they encounter.

- Long-Term commitment. This project will not be over in a week. We're going to be working on this for a *long* time, so if you aren't able to stay in contact very frequently, and have time to write and create, then this project may not be for you.


If you're interested, reply to the thread or shoot me a message! We're looking for about 10 more legions, and as many other writers as want to join! If not, that's cool too. This kind of thing isn't for everyone, I get that. Hope to hear from you all soon!


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Welcome on the special forums. Hope.you get lots of attention.
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Open for Comissions, just PM me. The Wardens of Light were like golden blades, cutting down their enemies scarring the darkness.





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Welcome on the special forums. Hope.you get lots of attention.

Thanks man! Been following the Wardens of Light since 2016!




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(Keleshai Ætherius)

Caladrian Avonthes

The Skycaller

The Emperor’s Vanguard

The Outrider of Keleshan


(Sgt. Argmen, Decimus Squadron, Oath of the Crusader)



The Æther Paladins are the 1st legion, and take that moniker with extreme pride. Harboring a great sense of nobility, honour, and righteousness, the 1st legion fights fervently for humanity. Their claim to fame stems from their companions. Great demi-avian beasts that serve as faithful partners and mounts for the elite of the legion, and those of the Vanguard Oath.

The legion is divided into 9 distinct ‘Oaths’, each embodying a different martial value of war.

Oath of the Crusader: The most commonly chosen Oath, it houses Tactical squadrons, vehicles, and terminators, fielding them en-masse against any enemies of the Imperium.


Oath of the Sentinel: Legionaries who choose this Oath become scout and recon marines, tasked with reconnaissance and embodying guile.


Oath of the Vanguard: Mounted upon great beasts that charge into battle at hurricane speeds, the vanguard rides ahead of their compatriots and weakens enemy lines before retreating for another charge.


Oath of the Skyknight: Fitted with jump packs and lightweight weaponry, the skyknight oath embodies maneuverability and flair. Most often they are seen with flame weaponry, raining fire upon their enemies.


Oath of the Artificer: The Artificer Oath is filled with techmarines and artillery crews who bring ruin from afar. Though not as popular as other oaths, its importance cannot be understated.


Oath of the Destroyer: Housing heavy weapon specialists and lumbering dreadnoughts, the Destroyer oath embodies reckless obliteration and mercilessness needed to win wars.


Oath of the Magister: The Psykers of the legion find themselves within the respected Magister oath, trained to hone their psychic might and unleash it across the battlefield. Magisters are also highly respected seers and councilors for the legion.


Oath of the Venator: Hunters of the utmost efficiency. Most Venators are accompanied by a loyal beast companion, and come armed with either a sniper rifle or Venatori-Pattern Bolt Rifle.


Oath of the Arcsword: Caladrian’s personal guard. Handpicked soldiers of extreme skill, combining the martial prowess of the Crusaders and the arcane might of the Magisters. Each Arcsword is trained to fight in close-knit groups, and sometimes lead other squadrons into battle.

Once called the Soaring Skulls before their reunification with their gene-sire, Caladrian renamed the legion to better suit the philosophies he had learned on the maiden world of Keleshan.


(Soaring Skulls Legionary)




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Still can't get any images to work for the life of me. down.gif 




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Nice to see another AU pop up, best of luck to you!



Creator of the Paladins of Midterra- A Second Legion Project(Link above)

Project Lead for the War of Light Alternate Universe Project-Link

Writer for the Brotherhood of the Lost Alternative Heresy Project-Link

Creator of the Vasalius 1st Terra Heredes Imperial Auxilla-Link


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