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New to Death guard, must-haves/advice?

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I've been playing Tyranids for about 3 years and decided it was time for a new army. Being new to CSM and Daemons I find Death guard and army building with them slightly confusing. My friend is willing to split dark imperium with me and I would like to know what else to get to make a decent list. I'd appreciate to know any must-haves (other than Typhus) and maybe even some example lists and strategies, thanks in advance!

Lord Marshal

Lord Marshal


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The consensus on Must Haves is roughly:


Daemon Prince of Nurgle (with wings/talons)

Foetide Bloat-Drone with Plaguespitters

Plagueburst Crawlers


After that, I think the question is how tied you are to Plague Marines? I ask this because some people, even in competitive-ish lists, don't feel right not including them. Others are happy with just Cultists.




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Hi Shadowgaunt- welcome to a pretty popular and fun chaos army.


I think you'll like the overall flexibility of the Death Guard. A lot of Chaos seems a little stuck into a list and there's not a lot of popular options. The Death Guard do work really well with what's already been suggested: Foetid Bloat Drones, Plague Burst Crawlers and Daemon Princes.


What's great about the Dark Imperium box is the Death Guard portion is really usable. You'll be able to build off of that quite a bit. Eventually you can enjoy options like Mortaion of course, his body guard of Death Reapers, and the Cataphractii Terminators in Blight Lords. 


I think a foot army is fun, and usable with psychics and Cloud of Flies, but Rhino bound does work alright too. You can add in the unique units that help this like Biologus Putrifier, the Foul Blightspawn, etc to help this out.


The Plaguecaster is a great unit, and if you want to go the Poxwalker route, you can walk him up behind doing the buffing if you like. 


There's a ton of options really. You'll have to decide how competitive you want to be and focus on a direction to go. Eventually you can even ally in some Nurgle to extend your board coverage.

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strawberry fist

strawberry fist


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Is three the magic number for Plagueburst crawlers? With a lord in the middle of them?

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