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Black Legion Resurrection

Black Legion Abaddon Black Fortress Call of Chaos

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Brokejaw Gutripper

Brokejaw Gutripper


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Can’t wait to see your take on the Black Legion Prot.




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Because his Forge World model is also smaller than the current range.
New Khârn and Ahriman are taller than that model, even discounting the pose Abby is in.

hmm, I see the problem then. Does it really matter how tall the model is though? I mean, it's just going to be a placeholder for him before the real Abaddon comes out right?

Until GW makes a new model for him, the only options are his model being a little bit too small, too big (if you convert Horus into Abby), or taking too much time and effort (cutting him up and using greenstuff to make him taller). I'd suggest that the OP picks his poison and moves on to the real problem, what he's going to play and how he's going to get good models for BL.



I'm really banking on the Black Fortress or some similar release having Abaddon so I'm not too worried about making him up again. 


Can’t wait to see your take on the Black Legion Prot.




There's some great ideas and I appreciate the experience of Black Legion players giving some advice. Techsoldaten has an interesting take. To this day all I see on a competitive level is Black Legion spamming unbreakable cultists. So it's good to see other, unconventional ideas.

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I'll bee looking at this topic with interest. Black Legion is cool and you will undoubtedly make a gorgeous army Prot. :)


Though, I prefer missile launchers over lascannons. Not in all cases of course but some. S8 still wound T4 on 2+ and T7 on 3+, sure it's only -2AP instead of -3 but it has the option to shoot frag missiles against hordes. I usually take a mix of both.

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