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Dice Roller for Wrath and Glory

Dice Roller Wrath and Glory Tool

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Hi All


I wrote a program for Windows to help and streamline the rolling of dice for Wrath and Glory.  We use this by having it displayed on a large TV screen that all can see.


Here it a Link that you can use to download the file, it's a standalone file so needs no installing and can be run from a USB stick.




* Set the number of dice to roll and it will tell you Icons, Exalted Icons and and Glory/Crits.

* Use ReRoll to automatically roll your failures and add these to the totals.

* Shows how many if any Complication you got as well as how many dice failed.

* Simple select any Glory after the roll and click to add the Glory dice the the result.

* Makes rolling damage simple by selecting the number of dice and any mod for Brutal etc.

* Provides a D3, D6 and D66 to cover any other rolls you need like extra damage or Crits.

* And because sometimes you want to let fate decided who the sniper is going to kill the 'Sucker' tab lets you add names

  to randomly chose between.


Here are some screen shots of the tabs:




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