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Welcome to the Blood Angels Veritas Vitae series of articles!
In the current edition of the game, the ways of building a force, army, or collection are as myriad as they are interesting. However, there are no dedicated guides or reviews and towards that end, this discussion will focus on all the options available to us that are suitable for Faction: Blood Angels. The aim of this article is to 1) share and impart our collective knowledge to our fellow Frater and 2) to get some discussion going on the lesser-known potential boons to our forces. I want this thread to remain in flux and will happily edit the first post as people reply with their own ideas so we can get the optimal use out of each unit.
sml_gallery_62972_10568_1098.jpg Essentials

8th Edition Rulebook
8th Edition Rulebook
Hardback, known as the BRB for short. Essential for anyone wanted to play more than the basic rules. Contains:

  • Fluff; Open, Narrative, Matched Play rulesets (and everything that goes with that); advanced rules (Battlefored armies, Battlefield Terrain, Battlezones, Cities of Death, Planetstrike, Stronghold Assault, Death from the Skies, Multiplayer games, Campaigns)
  • Also available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub

Codex Blood Angels

Codex: Adeptus Astartes Blood Angels
The definitive hardback book for all your Blood Angels needs:

  • Blood Angels Datasheets (77 total); up to date fluff; Successor Chapters information; points values (units and weapons); relics; Sanguinary psychic discipline; stratagems; warlord traits; faction-specific tactical objectives; weapon stats; army rules
  • Also available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub
  • Nb: If you buy it second hand, take note where the words "Codex Adeptus Astartes" are. The 7th edition Codex has the same artwork, but those words at the top of the book!

Datacards: Blood Angels

Datacards: Blood Angels
Handy set of cards for ease of use whilst gaming:

  • Full set of Tactical Objective cards for Maelstrom of War Matched Play games, including the faction-specific ones found in Codex: Blood Angels (36 cards); Sanguinary psychic deck (7 cards); Stratagems (28 cards)

Since the release of the publication in question, things have been tweaked/fixed to improve the game. Alternatively, erratas have been issued following the discoveries of mistakes/omissions. Finally, there is some commentary that came out upon release of the 8th edition to help understand the game mechanics

  • Make sure you hit the 40k tab!
  • FAQs of note:
    • BRB
    • Codex: Blood Angels
    • Imperial Armour - Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes
    • Big FAQ 2
    • Big FAQ
    • Chapter Approved 2017
    • Index: Imperium 1
    • Designer's Commentary
    • Stepping into a new edition of 40k

sml_gallery_62972_10568_1098.jpg Optional

Index: Imperial 1
Index: Imperium 1
Optional rules for older models and special releases

  • Also available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub
  • Contains rules for the following units:
    • Rhino Primaris
    • Land Raider Excelsior
    • Imperial Space Marine
    • Legacy units options (jump pack characters, bike characters, weapon options)

Imperial Armour - Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes

Imperial Armour - Index: Adeptus Astartes
Hardback, the following contains all of FWs printed/legacy Datasheets that we can use to date

  • Also available as an ePub
  • Contains the following Datasheets (and points):
  • Spoiler

Chapter Approved 2017

Chapter Aprroved 2017
Hardback, additional/alternative rules for the game:

  • Open Play: Apocalypse (large scale games) rules and missions; Land Raider Variants (including the Terminus Ultra (yes we can use it) and Blood Angels Angel Infernus Datasheets)
  • Narrative Play: Planetstrike (rules and missions); Strategic Assault (rules and missions); Campaign play; Fortifications Datasheets
  • Matched Play: New missions (Eternal War and Maelstrom); new mission rules; new faction rules; objective marker creation guide
  • Appendix: Points tweaks; new terrain rules; Battlezone rules; ladder campaign guidance; designer notes (army creation)
  • Also available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub

Forge World Downloads
Forge World are known to release models prior to their appearance in a publication. These are all fit for purpose (the experimental tag means "subject to change" prior to publication), so feel free to use. Current options are:

  • Relic Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer
  • Relic Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank
  • Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill
  • Astraeus Super-heavy Tank

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