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[WIP] Sons of Horus, 65th Company

30K Horus Heresy Sons of Horus WIP Luna wolves

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Hungry Nostraman Lizard

Hungry Nostraman Lizard


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I somehow missed your comment from early in the month, Vykes. That would be swell to see your fleet. I'm loving that turret - I still need to print it. I've got one predator left in its box, but first - three sicarans that need tending. Hopefully I can get to it within the next two months, aha! I've been very good about not buying any plastic models, to prevent adding to my backlog. Can't be said the same on the printing front though... so many beautiful ships. 

Also, WOW. That eye looks SO glossy and wet. Slimy, like a salamander (the animal) in marsh lands. I'm liking the small glimpse of the cape/cloak, what is it? Is it the printed part? Or is that snazzy sword I don't recognize? 

Awesome work. 








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Eh hungry Nostraman Lizard my dude, thanks a ton*!  I'm definitely looking forward to that fleet getting all done up too.  Just gotta photo validate some stuff (and finish up some murder bugs and enormous sand worms for my 30K group's narrative thing).  There's the Dauntless, my favourite of favourite ships... I am in so much trouble.  


Three Sicarans, eh?  That's gonna keep ya busy then, especially the conversions. You absolutely nailed that Macharius, now I'm staring at one thinking "It's so cool."  The 'no plastic' almost is impressive if you don't count that resin there, mate.  msn-wink.gif  


I hadn't even meant the eye to look slimy, but I've heard it a few times then looked at it and thought, "Hey it is, isn't it?"  Honestly it was a ton of fun, blended from a sort of ochre up to bright yellow, then glazed it into golds and then reds.  It was a ton of fun and I kinda am tempted to snag a Thunderhawk or something huge and do the same thing to make big enormous slimy eyes.  Oh that cloak... that blasted cloak.... it's all metal from the old Korsarro Khan model and I've now broken 3 drill bits trying to pin it before giving up and just gluing it on.  It does look great but I had to use a 40mm base for the model as I originally had him on a staircase 32mm and he kept falling backward on any sort of incline.  As for the sword, the hand is an axe haft from, I wanna say, a blood angels model, and the sword itself is one of the Sisters of Silence great blades.  Nothing special about it, but it fits so well that I had to have it.  Been tempted to work up yet another command squad, likely with jump packs right along the same lines as this Warmonger that all have the great-blades, but haven't quite sorted that all out yet.  


Always glad ta have ya round my dude, heh, that'll be getting a like too once I get a restock on likes fo r he day... Wonder if there's any cosmic luck and FW will get the mk IIB restock before I go crazy and have to make my own teehee.gif





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Liking the new Assault Lieutenant, his pose and the legion helm give him a most predatory aspect, very fitting both for the legion and his role within it. The eye sigil does indeed look very glossy, I think I prefer a 'burning' style (much like Sauron from LotR), however it's an interesting take for sure.

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