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[WIP] Sons of Horus 65th Company

30K Horus Heresy Sons of Horus WIP Luna wolves

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That's absolutely fantastic work. Love the rusting work you have done on the armour, it's really effective and I think not over-done. 


I assume is that a sword he has nicked from someone? :) 


I really need to pick up Vengeful Spirit, I'm only a little way through the series, but am making a push this year to read all the main storyline books, I'll be going back to fill in the gaps from audio and novellas as and when. The Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus are probably my favourite legion that I've encountered in the novels, so I'm keen to follow their descent post-Isstvan.


It's not a bad book, certainly very readable. I think personally ADB did a better job with the fall of the World Eaters in Betrayer - there was a bit more of cause/effect as to how they became the way they were, which McNeil always seems to have struggled a bit with the SoH. I'm still not at all sold on why Horus turned from the Emperor TBH, which then follows on to the rest of the Legion (and please, please don't say it's because 'a wizard did it' - or magic sword in this case! :)  )

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The Pistol Masters sound an interesting lot, hopefully it won't be too long before I'm in place to read it.


Top work on the new officer, I think Kantaar the Unbowed is a solid name too.

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Oh my, the Unbowed is striking! Pose is great and the paint job sells it.

And the more I read about stuff in Vengeful Spirit in this log the more I learn about cool stuff in the book. Now I’m left wondering if I even read the dang thing in the first place. Or if my memory is going.
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Black Legion: The Fire Rises

Dornian Heresy: Iron Hands Raiders

Alpha Legion: The Heads of the Hydra Strike

Emperor's Children: Cult of Golden Tears





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Thanks a ton Pacific, I've tried to go for the rusty battle worn aesthetic (which would be opposite to my Blood Angels), I figured it would work.  It's bizarre, but skimming cover art 'The Other' had Aximand and Marr on the cover and both have a lot more eagles than you'd ever expect Sons of Horus captains to have.  Including the quillions of the culling blade... I was gonna cut it right out of that sword from the marine heroes box, but it weirdly fit.  I still feel a little loathsome keeping the Imperial eagle at all :P 


Man, you aren't wrong on the book either.  It's got some very questionable stuff in it, but it's full of great moments.  But yeah, Betrayer and First Heretic still rank quite a bit higher in narrative quality for me, but Vengeful Spirit has a lot of very interesting little bits and pieces to chew that change the way one may think of stuff.  Such as Loken reminiscing about shot cannons being part of his time with the scout auxillia, or sons of Horus breacher formations and Noctua saying, "We move or we die!", even Aximand's little conjecture about having 400 men in his assault team but as he only had 100-120 in bolt shot range vs. 300 ultramarines, thus he says 'we're outnumbered' and immediately shoulders his broadsword and thinks, "yep, doesn't matter.  Just gotta kill them faster."  And immediately being vaguely unhappy that Ultramarines are better soldiers than his Sons of Horus, though his Sons of Horus were better 'fighters'. 


Looking at the little bits is very cool.... then you get to remember that Horus got turned by a magic sword and a scary nightmare, and everything kinda makes you sigh again :P  Pacific, you right done nailed it, mate! 


Aye Pearson!  Thanks a ton, I guess I shall very much go with Kantaar the Unbowed.  I think I'm down to needing just a few more consuls which is nice. Not sure what next, may have to mull it over (some of the new ones seem interesting).  And aye, it's not a bad read if you don't count that weird bit about Mortarion in the Apothecarion which I felt was ridiculous.  


Thanks a ton Hushrong!  I'll admit I've been champing at the bit to use that spare reiver head and man I feel it works on characters ridiculously well.  I'll admit the model was almost just a mistake, a simple impulse buy for a space marine hero set and lo and behold, I got that and thought, "I have to make this into something!"  Vengeful Spirit has a lot of those neat little parts but if it's just a 'drive to work' kind of thing or a lazy read, it's a bit by the numbers in places.  Just one or two little facets, though, can really add a lot to the unspoken parts of 30K. 

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