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BA & The Big FAQ 2!

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I've used the 2CP cover often and it pays big dividends. Especially on units that are harder to get in cover like vehicles and dreds, jumping from a T7 or 8, 3+ save to a 2+ save is significant. I don't mind the cost since the bennefits are army wide. With the nerf to turn 1 deep striking I've started with a lot more units on the table, and it helps when my death company and Sanguinary Guard can deploy on the front edge of my zone with a 2+ and a 1+ save respectively. While it doesn't do much vs high ap things, it pays huge dividends vs small arms fire and ap -1 weaponry.

My BA love it for the reasons above. My crons love it because it give our vehicles a 3+ save to help protect against the weapons quantum sheilding doesn't work against. My Astra Militraum love it for army wide 2+ save vehicles. It makes, Russes particularly tough and helps out flyers like the vulture greatly.

It's expensive but nice. It's not a silver bullet fix to the game imbalance towards turn 1 shooting armies that we are currently feeling, but I'll take the pity moves where I can get them.

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I've only used it once, but it worked pretty well against Ad Mech/Knights shooting. Just remember that it only works for units in your deployment zone. So if you have a bunch of scouts mid-table or Forlorn Fury your DC outside of your DZ, then they don't get the benefit. 


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