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Elysian plasma vanguard detacment

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After i invented the way to build an OK-looking bolter for Elysian scale, i realised that i can finally use my pile of plasmapistol bits, get a very powerful bunch of guys on table, build my plasmaguys in more than one pose and keep my both kidneys. Win-win(-win)!

Elsian DIY plasmagun

So. I assembled 3 special weapon squads with plasmaguns, gave them a warlord CC with Old grudges and the awesomeness began. 
These guys make opponent nervous. Even If the enemy has crashed into my lines already, he doesn't feel safe from the rare. The sword of Damocles is hanging some where there in the sky. Fancy-pants marines think twice before charging. Absolutely devastating force in 1000-1500 games for a reasonable price. If more, just add a Punisher-Vulture. And the free re-roll of morale test near the Elysian officer is just the cherry on top of it. 

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A very neat conversion there; simple but works very well - the best sort! :tu:

Painting Oaths Completed:
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