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Kroot Themed Brigade - 2000/100 Power

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  • Location:Hazeorth Subsector
  • Faction: Black Templar: Dalthus Crusade
Brigade - 1; Vior’la
HQ - 174/7P
Ethereal - 50; Hover Drone, Warlord (Gunship)
2x Cadre Fireblade - 124/6P(62/3P; 2x Marker Drones

Elite - 297
2x Krootox Rider - 204/15P (102/5P); 3 Man
1x Krootox Rider - 68/4P; 2 Man
1x Firesight Marksmen - 25/1P

Troop - 420/30P
6x Kroot Carnivore Squad - 420/30P(70/5P): 14 Man

Fast Attack - 168/6P
2x Tactical Drones - 96/2P(48/2P): 4 Man, 4x Gun Drones (only one squad in Power)
2x Kroot Hounds - 72/4P(36/2P): 9 or 8 Man

Heavy Support - 388/20P
2x Great Knarloc - 280/14P (140/7P): Crushing Beak, Twin Kroot Gun
2x Sniper Drones - 108/6P (54/3P): 3 Man
Total - 1447/71P

Vior’la Vangaurd
HQ - 60/3P
Aun’Shi - 60/3P

Elite 93/6P
3x Kroot Shapers - 93/6P (31/2P)

Fast Attack 400/20P
2x Knarloc Riders - 400/20P (200/10P): 6 Man
Total - 553/29P

Total: 2000/100P
CP: 16

In power games the 3 12 Man Kroot Squads become 3 10 Man and be 2 11 Man Kroot Hounds become 2 8 Man Kroot Hound. For Points game I treat 1P = 20 Points for the Points of the Knarloc Units. The free relic is likely the seismic distablizer. What I do with all my CP is mostly gonna be auto pass morale.

This isn’t an amazing list, but I think keeping mostly to theme it’s pretty okay. I could playing with points to run Darkstrider instead, in power games espacially. But the marker lights allow me reliably reroll 1 to hit.

Edited by Schlitzaf, 30 October 2018 - 02:53 PM.

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BT Crusader Biker- http://www.bolterand...igensian-squad/
BT Primaris Crusaders - (WIP)
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