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1K Tournament DG list w/ restrictions

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I'm attending a tournament soon (my first 40K tournament ever cry.gif ). It's a 1000 pts tournament with the following restriction :


- one detachment only

- one codex army only

- datasheet can be taken twice for troops and transports and once for the others

- full painted army gives you a bonus victory



Here's my list :


HQ :

- Nurgle Daemon Prince w/ wings, malefic talons*2

- Malignant Plaguecaster


Troop :

- Plague Marines *5, 3 plasma gun, gauntlet

- Plague Marines *5, 3 plasma gun, gauntlet

- Poxwalkers *14


Elite :

- Foul Blightspawn


FA :

- Foetid Bloat Drone, 2 plaguespitters


Heavy :

- Plagueburst Crawler, 2 plaguespitters


997 pts


I think that's the best I can do with what I've painted for now, considering the restriction. What do you think I could change ?



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