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Eldar hate at my store

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Hi Brother, thanks for asking.


So, I do not currently play Eldar, but it seems most people at my store just hate them. Not only do they feel they are OP, BS,but they hate how they look too.

So my question would be, do you guys get a lot of hate for playing Eldar, and do people refuse to play your Eldar army?

Also, what would be a fluffy reason for 2 Eldar armies to fight each other? Since they're a dying race, it doesn't seem practical...


Ya, people in my meta dislike Eldar because it is PERCEIVED many people play them because they're OP rather than they like their miniatures/lore/etc.


It's that disconnect that seems to be particularly prominent with the Eldar.  Other people who play other OP armies, like Knights, still like the miniatures/lore/etc. of Knights.  They would have been eyeing the Forgeworld Knights, demonstrating a genuine passion.  When the new Knights codex turned out to be really good, it just made their army decision easier, but the desire was always there.


However, a very good and personal counter-example.  One close friend in our meta is getting into Eldar/Dark Eldar/Harlequins.  He happens to be the best painter among us, he bought the Death Masque box before Harlequins became OP, just so he could paint them.  He was also the one guy in our area that read the Gathering Storm trilogy when it 1st came out like I did and we would discuss it and we both found Fracture of Biel-tan surprisingly interesting.  He then went on to read the Ynnari novel and he didn't mention it to us until months after and he was really excited about it.


So when he started saying, "Well...I'll admit I've been look at the Eldar codex..." we all convinced him to go all out.  We knew it's a genuine love regardless of whether or not Eldar are OP.  He's got a theme based on a splinter force of Aeldari working together to search for the mythical crone swords, he was telling us about the lore we didn't know and tying it with his army, etc.  We felt bad for making him feel embarrassed about Eldar, we were the ones that were clearly wrong.


And just one look at his painted Harlequins, some of which are converted beautifully, has turned every skeptic into at least believing that he believes.  Nobody would mind playing against him because it's another chance to see his miniatures up close.  I tried to convince him to enter it into Armies on Parade, but he said he needed at least another month, and he didn't want to unveil it half-done without a board this crone sword quest he has in his mind.


There is no disconnect with him.  Only dedication.  And that is the difference IMHO.






Regarding reasons for Aeldari forces fighting one another, despite them being a dying race and they should just agree to disagree, I think there is a legitimate debate among them right now.  It's the Ynnari/Yncarne.  It's a major event that has implications for the whole race that is still quite a divisive issue, for good reason.


The Fracture of Biel-tan isn't just limited to the physical breaking of a craftworld, it's a bit of a schism among the Aeldari.  Not everyone liked the idea of birthing another god after Slaanesh, and even if they did, they might not like how it happened, nor their plans going forward.


Thus, 2 Aeldari forces fighting one another might be doing so, believing their own side to be the true salvation of their entire race, thus justifying the conflict.  Just IMHO.  I think the only exception to this is Harlequins, who all are pretty much in favour of everything the Ynnari are doing IIRC.  Edit - please see Brother Caerolion's post below!

No that is true for all strong armies, some people are that sad that they will collect an army just because they can win easier with them.  I mean dark eldar were never popular, look at them now.  Same with custodes, everyone has at least got their dawneagle jet bikes if they collect any Imperium army.  

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 everyone has at least got their dawneagle jet bikes if they collect any Imperium army.  


Nope. Not me. :D 

Just OG Wolves for this guy, not a Custard or Primaris in sight. 

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