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Seige of Terra series news

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Oh damn...
That'd be a worth one to get along the very last.

French has (for me) become a safe bet along Chris and Aaron. I loved PoD, StD and overall his Fists' stuff, etc.
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tn_gallery_87379_12273_68539.jpg  tn_gallery_87379_12273_193556.jpg  tn_gallery_87379_12273_86064.png
Brotherhood of the Lost: XXth Legiones Astartes, the Predators http://www.bolterand...-the-predators/
Brotherhood of the Lost - The Icarion Insurrection: http://www.bolterand...od-of-the-lost/




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Now the real hype begins.


I mean, I don't buy LE's, but damn does that look fine. Almost as fine as the name John French on the cover, who I am now convinced can do no wrong. Perfect guy to tackle some of the logistics of the siege. But is he the perfect guy to write the naval battles therein? I don't know, maybe he does a couple things wrong.


The higher-end collectors are gonna have one weird looking shelf by the time this is done, though.




Hmm yeah they won't fit well my with my HH hardcovers, which is what most of my HH books are.

However it will fit well with my expensive 7 ( soon 8) part HH Black books collection from FW.

Punishing Pete

Punishing Pete


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Solar war has mysteriously vanished from BL coming up section also disappeared from the main GW site. Is it just a screw up? Or is something more sinister afoot??

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Brother Lunkhead


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And so it begins...… 


Eight novels: That to me is a very reasonable number to cover this epic conclusion to the Horus Heresy. Unfortunately, I won't be picking up any of the hard covers so I'll be lagging behind all the way..... sad about thatcry.gif


Dan Abnettthumbsup.gif: The man who started the show and sucked me into this glorious mess is finishing it as well....EXCELLENTbiggrin.png


As I've read and listened to just about everything HH so far, it has been long slog and to be honest it's good to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In spite of it's many flaws, the Horus Heresy started off strong and I have high hopes that it will end strong...… I'm stokedyes.gif

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