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Selling handmade terrain: Painted or unpainted?

handmade scenery terrain

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So I'm thinking of getting into selling handmade terrain on Ebay. Mostly stuff like plateaus, rock spires and small mountains, the kind of terrain that would be for badlands, desert, or cave themed environments, though I'm also considering pieces for earthen breastworks and trench systems. Nothing master-class here, it's meant to be cheap and simple. My primary question is this: should I make the extra investment of painting these terrain pieces so they can be used immediately, or should I sell them plain and unpainted so someone can paint them up themselves to their own theme and standards? The latter is what I would want to do as a hobbyist myself.

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In my experience, finished hand made terrain is much more valuable and sought after.




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I’d be more likely to buy terrain like that if it was painted. You could always offer both painted and unpainted though in case anyone wants to do their own.

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If you go for easy and simple terrain then definitely try to sell it painted. People who will buy such terrain over super detailed terrain like the Kromlech HDF terrain are the ones who try to save time&work. The ones who wouldn't mind painting their terrain themselves most likely wouldn't mind building easy&simple terrain themselves either.


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So yeah, I'm really not rude it's basically just cultural differences that act against me here. Again, I apologize.


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