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2000pt Semi-Competative

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Hey all, ever since battlescribe updated I have been furiously tapping away creating lots of lists to play with my friends. While we are not tournament level players by any means we do enjoy taking lists that have some real kick to them while still being a bit fluffy.


I'm trying out 2 clans mixed, the warboss & his personal fluffer (weridboy) are lucky blue gits and have made an alliance with a crazy big mek who loves to go fast. How they made this arrangement is unknown but the best guess is that recently painted over goff gorkanaut probably had a lot to do with it :) 


Battalion <Deathskulls>


Warboss - PK & kustom shoota (warboss, brutal but kunnin, killy klaw)

Weirdboy - warp 'ead (warpath, fists of gork)


3 x 10 gretchin


7 Nobz - PK & 6 big choppas


2 x 8 tankbustas


Batallion <Evil Suns>


Big Mek (index) - KFF (redder armor relic)

Weirdboy - da jump


30 boyz (boss with PK)

20 boyz (boss with PK)

10 boyz



Battlewagon ('ard case & deffrolla)


2 x Trukks



The idea for this list is to put the tankbustas in the trukks, mob up the boyz and await da jump. Boss, warp ead, painboy, nobz, and 10 grots go in BW. Tellyporta the Gorka who has the big mek inside, and maybe BW depending on enemy AT. Turn 1 will be mostly maneuvering into position/clearing chaff and then turn 2 will be the big crunch as I'm hoping most of my army will get stuck in.


*******DECISION TIME***********

I've got some points left over to make it  2,000. For basically the same points I can either get 7 lootas (deathskulls) or 5 bikerz (evil suns) boss would have PK. I'm looking for a unit that will help me clear up chaff units to make way for da jumping boyz and tellyporta big stuff. Which do you think will serve me best? My initial thoughts are that lootas will probably perform all game while bikes will do more work T1 or T2 but will probably never see out the game length






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So I thought that you could mix clan infantry with different clan vehicles.... I was wrong. So its the same list but the wagon and the trukks are now Deathskulls, gonna miss the +1" move/adv/charge but a 6++ aint terrible


Still havent made up my mind about lootas/bikes. Im gonna try running both but my gut is telling me bikerz might be better since its a guaranteed 30 shots at S5 which is more than enoguh to clear most chaff/screening units and I can always charge in to make sure of it to open up a landing strip for the gorka/BW. Lootas though will be better vs primaris & asscan dreds/razorbacks which I face a lot in my friend group. Hmmmmmm....

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