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Forgelord Servitor question

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m not too up to date on the rules:

Can a Fordgelord with servitors join a squad? Fordgelords have independent character, but I don’t know if this is overruled by taking a retinue of servitors



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Techmarine Harkus

Techmarine Harkus


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I believe he would be free to be separate from the servitors. I can't think of any rules that state that if you buy a retinue you can't leave it. The wording under the techmarine unit entry say that they form a unit with them. But if you have independent character you can leave units... so no issues there. It could be argued that they should be deployed together given how they are purchased. Forgeworld quality clarity on wording.


The servitors will be subject to the Cybernetica rule though. RAW they're subject to it even if he is in the unit, because a forgelord isn't a techmarine and the rule specfically states "techmarine"... He is allowed to take any of the additional equipment listed for a techmarine, but isn't one. Unless that's been FAQ'd and I've missed it.

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