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CA Speculations

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I play Metallica or Stygies and I play a quite aggressive with an objective focused advancing ad mech ..  Rather than castling up at the back my entire army tends to move as one large block trying to swarm the centre objectives ...  perhaps i will find a use for the advancing bots,  but while i do love them I've seen  stock rangers kill as many s targets as Kaste's ,  point for point  10 strength 4 shots from 8 squads  of rangers..  around the price of 2 robots  and  actually kill 2 more Primaris when they get to shooting ..  


Good to know someone else is playing similar to how i setup.


Very interesting on the rangers vs bots front too. Usaully my rangers take areqebus and sit back...and i run a lot of vanguard forwards.....as thats how id built the army back in 7th when vanguard had the (much more useful imo) exploding hits, rather the 2 dmg on a 6 thing. might have to look into swapping a few more ranger squads in there

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I delegate different parts of the field to different parts of the army. Knight Gallant(s) and Dragoons to go for the throat, while the main force grab midfield, under supportive fire from a backline of robots. The traditional castle is often a good way to lose, with the scoring systems in the ITC and Nova. I like it - it demands more flexibility.

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