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Sisters Beta Codex -Heavy Support

Adepta Sororitas Sisters of Battle SoB Chapter Approved 2018 Sisters Beta Codex Sisters Heavy Support

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Still doesn't make them good. The top Sisters players results is a far cry from the top players results.

2d3 would make them better, but you can still drop snake eyes, get two shots, hit one and fail to wound that tank you want dead. I know I did that often enough with my 1d6 Exorcist so called volleys.

Taking a page out of the GSC dex, what if they were 1d6 counting 1-2's as 3's? Or perhaps giving a +1 to the shot roll (max 6 total) for every other Exorcist within 6"? A stratagem in our back pocket to affect them somehow would be nice on top of fixing the shot totals. Rolling two dice per Exorcist once per game would go a long ways towards getting them over the hump of just doing nothing.

+1 per shot for each exorcist within 6" would be a sweet strategem

"Hymns 2CP, add +1 to all exorcist missile launcher rolls for number of shots for each other exorcist within 6", to a maximum of 6"

Then it would be reasonably easy to keep their power level high, but you'd have to spend a limited and high demand resource for it.

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Exorcist Ranks: exorcists may be taken in squadron of 1-3.
Oh how nice that would be.

Crescendo: just another name for the above Hymns.
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I've sent GW my feedback on Exorcists and I do hope they give them at least a little tweaking. 


Taking a step away from the current Exorcist discussion, I have been finding that a 10 model squad of Retributors with 4 Multi Meltas has been a game winner. With a SI its 188 points but more than earns back the investment.

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