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Orks 2000pts - Goffs /Bad Moons

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Oi, just thought I would share a list Ive been playing with - seems to run well so far.


Goff Battalion

Warboss (Killa Klaw / KShoota, Squig)                           

Deffkilla Wartrike


19 Boyz (PK Nob, Slugga/Choppas Tank Bomb)    

11 Boyz (PK Nob, Slugga/Choppas Tank Bomb)    

30 Boyz (PK Nob Slugga/Choppas, 3 Tank Bomb)


Nob w Waaagh Banner         

6 Nobz (5 Big Choppa, 1 PK)


Battlewagon (Deff Rolla, 2 BShootas)

Bonebreaker (Deff Rolla)


Bad Moon Battalion

Big Mek w Shokk Attack Gun



11 Boyz (Nob Big Choppa)

10 Gretchin

10 Gretchin


14 Lootas

Morkanaut (KFF)


13 CP

11 Drops


Wots going on 'ere? - 19 Boyz / Banner Nob in Battlewagon, 11 Boyz / Warboss in Bonebreaka, Nobz in Morkanaut. All three of these and the Deffkilla deploy under the KFF shield closest route to the enemy. The idea here is blitz, advance all potentially using Ramming Speed on the Bonebreaka (*these things are great, highly recommend) for a T1 or T2 assault. Deffkilla can help here for the advance + assault. 


SAG Mek, Lootas and Grots provide the covering fire. Grots position to Grot Shield the others, Lootas use Showin Off and/or More Dakka. I cant stress enough how strong this combo is - potentially also worth a Command Reroll to get a good D3 for number of Loota shots. They literally folded a Stormsurge turn one in my last game!

The SAG Mek is an inexpensive HQ but has terrific range, BS5 makes it one of those lottery units you hope to get lucky with so goes well with Lootas/Grots.


30 Boyz mob is a good candidate for Tellyporta or following the Morkanaut or Da Jump.

Who gets to be Boss (Warlord) is something I need to review; probably better off with the Mek. I had been using the Warboss but tends to get himself killed going headlong into the teeth of the enemy, same with the Deffkilla.


All in all Im pretty happy with how this list performs.


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