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A Tale of 3 Lists (need help deciding)

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Hey all, I posted on here earlier but have made some revisions after getting a game or two under my belt and am once again facing a decision of how to spend my last remaining points. This list is not supposed to be tournament level powerful but meant to be a competitive list among my friend group (the only people I really play). So while some of these choices may not be the strongest in the codex they are more there for the fluff and fun.


Basic premise of the list is elites in the deathskulls (obj secure and 6++) everything that deepstrikes (or jumps) in evil suns (+1" charge)


Battalion <Deathskulls>


Warboss - PK & kustomshoota (Warlord: Brutal but Kunning; Killa-klaw)

Weirdboy - fists of gork, warpath (warp 'ead)



3x 10 gretchin




7 Nobz - boss with PK rest with Big Choppa

8 tankbustas - boss & 1 bomb squig

8 tankbustas - boss & 1 bomb squig


Heavy Support

Battlewagon - Deffrolla & 'Ard Case (nobz, boss, painboy, weirdboy, and 10 grots go in here)


Dedicated Transport

2x Trukk


Battalion <Evil Suns>


Big Mek - KFF (redder paint)

Weirdboy - da jump



30 boyz - boss with PK

16 boyz - boss with PK

10 boyz (will most likely get mobbed up with the 16 boy squad)


Heavy Support

Gorkanaut (big mek goes in here and will be tellyporta'd most games)


Total: 1870



Now what to do with the last 130 points? Well I have 3 options that all seem pretty good to me, I just can't make up my mind.

Option A:

+ 5 biker boyz, nob w/ klaw in the evil suns detachment

Pros: 16" move, 30 S5 shots, and some melee ability these guys can do it all. Also great for grabbing objectives

Cons: 5 bikes aren't that hard to kill, 5 bikes don't deal that much dmg against MEQ (my most common enemy)

Total: 1998


Option B:

+8 Lootas to deathskulls + 1 boy to evil suns

Pros: Some long range fire power, can threaten elite troops/vehicles at range (S7 and 2D), makes good use of deathskulls + grot shileds

Cons: very static while most my army is mobile, enemy can counter them with LOS

Total: 2000


Option C:

+2 mek gunz (traktor kannons) in deathskulls, +8 boyz in evil suns

Pros: Some long range firepower, especially good at dealing with flyers

Cons: Only 2 shots (though they auto-hit), enemy can counter with LOS, static, pretty easily destroyed

Total: 1996



So what do you think? I currently have the bikes and the lootas so I will play test those a bunch. I don't have any mek gunz (the $ cost is more than their points in game) but they look like fun kits and useful for the army.




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so... I keep thinking of other ways to spend those points.......


Option D:

+Dakka Jet in the deathskulls

Pros: Fast flyer, 12 S6 ap-1 shots that hit on 4s if all shot at same target. Decent anti air option plus can harass back line units and maybe get a cheeky shot on HQs

Cons: not too hard to destroy, not choppy at all

total: 1998

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