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Lore/Tactic questions

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Sea Reaper

Sea Reaper


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I've been away from the hobby a bit with 'real world' Bleh going on. Started playing the Mechanicus video game and now have a great desire to start either Admech or Necrons. I don't know a lot of the new Necrons and was just curious about a few things:

1. Are Pariahs completely retconned away? Can Necrons use biotransference to give a human a Necron body, or is all of this swept under the rug in their new incarnation?

2. Is there a Dynasty you recommend for someone just starting out? If I make an army it will be a custom Dynasty and paint scheme but I wasn't sure if any dynasty rules were better or worse for a new player getting their metalic feet wet. Mephrit and Sautekh *seemed* like good well rounded choices but I really don't know. Are the Menarkh forgeworld dynasty still a thing with their own rules or do they just have special characters now?

3. Are Necrons actually soulless? Sometimes I'm confused if they're just installed with engrams of the original Necrontyr, or if they are indeed the same entities now in machine form. Basically, are they just copied personalities or the real Necrontyr?

4. I've seen people use different colored rods for their armies, and I guess there are people who make colors other than green? Do you think just painting the green rods a different color works well?

5. How many warriors make a good start for an army? Should I go all out with max squads because of reanimation protocols?

6. Are there other C'tan shards in use by the Necrons? I know a bunch were eaten, so I was unsure if the Nightbringer and Deceiver were the only ones around to use while the Outsider and Void Dragon are sealed up in their prisons. Basically is it fluffy to make up my own to use as a converted model, or have they been conclusively whittled down to four?

Sorry if that's long winded, I tried to condense it down because I'm really unfamiliar with the current Necrons, especially now that they have personalities.
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1. Pariahs haven't been mentioned (that I have seen) in a long time so I don't think they're canonical anymore but as far as I know they haven't been explicitly stated to be gone.

2. Mephrit is great, Sautekh has some fun characters. Either is fine. I prefer Mephrit so I can have hordes of Tesla with MWBD but Sautekh is not bad. If you play Sautekh, build your army to make the most of it though. It's easy to build lists that don't ever really benefit from the code.

3. They are consistently described as soulless. I don't know if their personality is a programmed replication or their actual will, though. Seems like the higher ups are presented as having actual free will though.

4. I paint my rods and I prefer that. I thought about buying colored ones but what if that company goes under and you can't find ones that match? Not a big deal but I didn't want to wind up feeling like I had to fix them all or something.

5. Tough question. Wariiors are pretty easy to kill so max squads can just make them bigger targets and not actually keep them alive. It can also make more run away which can't reanimate. But when it does work out for you it can be huge.

6. Only those two have been confirmed but the unnamed options could be said to be any (except maybe Void Dragon since I think he might be intact).

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1) I think they are no longer a thing.

2) They are all very different. Whichever you choose, build your army to maximize that specific rule.

3) Yes they are. The C’tan ate their souls.

4) I just use the green rods personally, but it’s whatever you’d prefer.

5) Rumor is we’ll get points adjustments in the upcoming chapter approved, so I’m waiting on that to really know.

6) They are out there. But those are the only 2 named we have as Tyriks says.




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#6 There are multiple shards left besides the two names Ctan. A few have been named in fluff. Some are mentioned in the new Dex, one is named in the 7th er BA campaign 'The Burning One' I think.





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1. Pariahs were shown in artwork fighting AdMech in a Regimental Standard article, that's all these days. I'm sure they could use biotransferrance to thicken their ranks, but I don't think that openly happens in the current lore.


2. I play my shooty bits as Mephrit and my stabby bits as Novokh, the Codes all have good things going for them but suit certain units better than others. It all depends on how you want to build your army.


3. I'm pretty sure they are described in the Codex as being mentally aware but wholly unable to do anything but watch what's going on. In some Necron Black Library offerings various Immortals and Lychguard are allowed certain aspects of their individuality in order to maintain others around them/operate more effectively on the battlefield.


4. You can get different coloured rods online from various sources, though I painted mine. The acrylic always looked awkward to me since then not every gun/showing of energy has the same texture.


5. I have 40 Warriors and find that to be a good number. I don't often wish I had more and often play with less.


6. There's a lot more C'Tan with names than I thought! Instead of listing them I'll just copy the link for anyone to peruse. I was only aware of the Nightbringer, Deceiver, and Flayer. Linky: http://warhammer40k.....com/wiki/C'tan

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