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Legio Vulturum: Gore Crows

Adeptus Titanicus Legio Vulturum Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy game

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Gore Crow

Gore Crow


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Yeah that all makes sense. I had overlooked the fact you had a lot of Warhounds, but yes the two heat of Scent of Blood would be suboptimal for them to say the least! Even more so as presumably you'd trigger Scent of Blood for a potential kill shot and then want to fire your storm frag shells at the target....

I will probably try the multiple cull the weak approach, just to see how effective it is. A Ruptura looks the best bet for that to me. Power fist armed Reavers and Quake cannons on the Warbringers means you might realistically be able to trigger it quite often. At 1750 I'd potentially have 4 or 5 concussive weapons. It might also be interesting in a maniple with a dual Quake armed Warlord. I do like the potential of the Ruptura with the Gore Crows - there's the chance of an exponential effect as between Cull the Weak and Scent of Blood (particularly helpful for the Warbringers as they can take the heat and potentially get a kill with it) you can improve your chances of triggering the maniple trait to get free moves for your Reavers, who will all then be on +1 to hit as well due to the Legio trait. I think I'll try this setup in my next game and will report back.

Sounds like the storm frags did good work though. What were the loadouts you took for the Hounds? It looks like you had a couple of dual VMB Hounds, was that with one upgraded gun on each one?

Your table and models look great, by the way.

I will be giving an Extermigus a run out next time and I'll have a lot of quakes there - good time to try multiple cull the weak out too. I suspect I will miss having those strat points for other tricks, but we're from Xana and we're in it for the science.
Yeah I took double VMB with one upgraded to storm frags, the -1 to hit isn't as bad as I thought on a rapid weapon. It is very nice effectively having a gatling blaster on a warhound, combined with zooming them up close with the Ferrox +1 str in 2" they are very dangerous. They are also real likely to explode next to the enemy which is how I took down two reavers msn-wink.gif

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