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1000 GS-ish, Starting tyranids

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Hi! I was thinking about rebuilding my ages-old tyranids through Christmas, because what is christmas-er than a good old stealer infestation?

I have quite a few old metal minis but I was thinking more on the lines of using 1 or 2 of the start collecting boxes, coupled with some of the old minis.


3x 5 Genestealers with Acid Maw (I probably should buff that)

1 Trygon Prime

That is around 750 points so I have 250 points to round it up. Probably it would be more sensible to double the number of GSers (180 points) or add some bodies in the form of Hormagaunts or Termagaunts (got 16 of each) or swarms.

My gut instinct is to add raveners to add to the whole infiltration thing or Screamer-Killers (got 2 copies of the old metal mini), but I know how absurd that would be. Or wouldn't it?

Also, I have 2 metal Zoanthropes which I see I cannot use at all unless I proxy Neurothropes with them I guess. There are counterproductive for my assault army right?

What would you suggest to add?

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