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Vox Cast: The Repository Thread

VoxCast Dan Abnett

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Don't get me wrong, I wasn't bashing on the guy. I completely understand that some will interviewees might struggle with the format. It's only natural. I was just saying that at times you can notice it. Overall, I'm impressed with how likeable a lot of the guys seem, sometimes surprised even. 


Now here's a polarising thought: I wish we could hear from Matt Ward on there - I know he's no longer with the company, so there. But he was so maligned on the internet, in a completely over the top way, that I have that gut feeling that an interview might have helped there. 


Considering the whole Ward drama, I'm somewhat surprised that so many of the designers are willing to put themselves front and center in these interviews. Ward got so much flak, got turned into a horrible kind of warhammer meme, I never felt comfortable with that. Especially after I had talked to some guys from the design studio and it turned out, that quite a lot of them were aware what fans were saying on forums and facebook. The corporate communications worked different back then, which allowed these fanboy myths to gain traction, that some of the designers were basically out to troll certain fanbases and whatnot. 


That's probably one of the biggest achievements of the overall marketing in recent years: Clearly showing how much heart there is in the design studio, how much love many of them have for the hobby overall. Sure, it's all with a bit of marketing sugarcoating. But still...

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That's a great idea IMHO. In fact, I'd love to see them interview some of the others from times past as well like Andy Chambers, Rick Priestley, etc. I don't think it will mollify the Ward haters though. Too much time has past to weaken that concrete. lol

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