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Eldar Aeldari old stuff

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My Friends always ask me when I start playing 40k again. And now they persuaded me to play with them. They gave me GW Coupons for my Birthday. So my main problem is that I don't have a good Army. I started playing W40k with the 2nd edition when I was 12-13 years old. And i stopped somewhere between the 4-5 edition. I made maybe 5 games with the 6-8 edition but i realy know that my Units I have are not enough for a competitive Army. Thats why I hope you guys can help me a bit. My Friends are playing with Armys around 1500-2000pts. And I think theres nearly any non FW Race that is playable (Crimson Fist, Ultramarines, Necrons, Drukhari, Tyranids, Genestealer Cult, Adeptus Mechanicum with Kights, Tau, Khorne CSM and Daemonkin and some I don't know) that they play.
I have two old Armys. The first is my Aeldari Army that i bought when I was 13 and my second is a Dark Angels Army. Im still not sure which Army i should revive or maybe both but for now i should start with one of them. Or if its even possible to build a good Army with my remaining units. Because when I cant use any unit for a good competitive List i maybe drop that Army.


Here are the stuff that I own from the Aeldari. Most Stuff where bought when the 3rd edition codex was new. So is it possible to build a good competitive Army with some of thoes units or can i start collecting from zero?

Aeldari (~800pts)


1x Eldrad Ulthran
1x Maugan Ra


2x Guardian Defenders (each 10man)


Fast Attack
1x Warp Spiders (4normal +1 Exarch)

1x Windriders (3man)


Heavy Support
1 Falcon

Units that i have but cant use through rule changes:
2x Dark Reaper (need 3 to play)
3x Ranger (need 5 to play)





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