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2,500 list - take 2

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Here is a list for an upcoming 2,500 point tournament, there are special rules each round focusing more on holding objectives then killing stuff. I tried putting units in that could/would hold objectives and units that would draw fire away from my objective holders.  I am planning on going second most rounds (as that seems the norm for me) and most players concentrate fire on my knight first.  I think if I start the possessed in the rhino as close to the enemy as possible then I could disembark and move first turn.  That would get me out 10" and then warptime them for another 7", bringing me close to a 7" charge.  Then move my CC marines into the rhino and move them up the board towards mid-field objectives.  This would leave my poxwalkers and 20 PM blob to hold closer objectives.  I have noticed as long as I have a unit in reserve, most people hold off when it comes to moving stuff forward.  So keeping my Blightlords off til turn 3 to grab an objective and board control seems like a good idea.
I know this is an unorthodox list for tournaments, as I do not have a lot of heavy hitters.  My first question is, does anyone think taking a Tallyman over Blightspawn would do this list better?  My next question would be is Morty a better option then the Knight?  I would have to swap out something for some Deathshroud, but with their lower price it might be a better option.
Total # Unit/Equipment
5 CP Battalion Detachment
HQ 110
1 Malignant Plaguecaster
1 Corrupted staff
1 Bolt pistol
Blight/Krak grenades
HQ 180
1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle w/Wings (Suppurating Plate)
1 Malefic talons pair
Troop 173
8 Plague Marines w/Champion
Blight/Krak grenades
7 Plague knife
5 Bubotic axe
2 Flail of Corruption
Troop 351
20 Plague Marines w/Champion
Blight/Krak grenades
20 Plague knife
1 Plasma gun
17 Boltgun
2 Blight launcher
Troop 120
20 Poxwalkers
20 Improvised weapon
Transport 74
1 Chaos rhino
2 Combi-bolter
1 CP Vanguard Detachment
HQ 110
1 Malignant Plaguecaster
1 Corrupted staff
1 Bolt pistol
Blight/Krak grenades
Elite 77
1 Foul Blightspawn (Warlord - Arch Contaminator)
1 Plague sprayer
Blight/Krak grenades
Elite 60
1 Biologus Putrifier
1 Injector pistol
1 Plague knife
Hyper blight grenades
Krak grenades
Elite 442
10 Blightlord Terminators w/Champion
8 Combi-bolter
1 Balesword
8 Bubotic axe
2 Blight launcher
2 Flail of corruption
0 CP Patrol Detachment
HQ 122
1 Sorcerer
1 Force axe
1 Bolt pistol
1 Jump pack
Elite 200
10 Possessed
10 Horrifying mutations
0 CP Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
Lord of War 481
1 Renegade Knight
2 Avenger gatling cannon
2 Heavy flamer
1 Heavy stubber
1 Titanic feet
1 Ironstorm missile pod
9 CP's 2500 points

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