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Sisters Beta Codex - Convictions

Sisters of Battle SoB Beta Codex Chapter Approved 2018 Adepta Sororitas

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I did a DIY colour scheme based on the order minoris "Our Lady of Perpetual Ammunition"

They're purple robes/silver armour, so I just run them as whatever. Interesting to note though in ITC rules that they request different subfactions of the same battleforged army have different colour schemes, mostly so your opponent knows which models are using which chapter tactic/order/etc




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Out of curiosity, now that SoB have official rules for the different Orders, does that determine how you paint / will paint your models? Or are you using ther Order's convictions that are associated to the already painted colour scheme you have?


Im thinking of painting up a SoB detachment for my main army, but wanted to know if experienced SoB prefer to have their models painted to corresponding convictions, or it doesnt really matter because adequate convictions in one edition may turn out to be quite the opposite in the next. So the painting scheme solely based on current conviction rules may not be worth it? 

If they fix them so there's a point to bringing more than one conviction type, then I will have 2 separate Sisters armies painted up. One OoML colors another with a custom scheme. If not, there's no reason to paint more than one armor type so I would just keep them OoML.

Eddie Orlock

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I did a DIY colour scheme based on the order minoris "Our Lady of Perpetual Ammunition"

Eh, fairly sure if I dig around the archives around here I can claim priority on my DIY order name. In which case they’re canonically black clad with blue fabrics and gold trim. Vehicles are black with gold trim and tan accents.

I’m sure your stuff is quite lovely in purple, but stealing someone else’s order name is a bit gauche when part of diying is doing it yourself.


As I’ve played them, the sisters of OLoPA have spent most of their time impersonating Bloody Rose except on those days where the motor pool is out for maintenance and the impersonate the Sacred Rose instead.

I want the faith manipulation ones to be good, but the massed mob style I find required to make the small force multiplier of faith to shine pretty much mandates the moral mitigation of the sacred Rose.
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