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2K - AM & SpaceWolves - Competitive List

Astra Militarum Space Wolves 2000 Competitive Imperial Guard Space Marines

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Looking for advice for this list, as well as some feed back on the AM or Space Wolves portion of it. Criticism, changes, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated! smile.png


1956 points total, 44 points still left to play with.

AM Brigade [12CP] - SW Vanguard [1CP] - Batteforged [3CP] = 16 CP Total 


Disclaimer: Battle Scribe was used to make this list, and the Astra Militarum or Space Wolves Codex's were not referenced.

     General strategy:
-Space Wolves main bulky assault force to take down big targets, hold a point, or push something off. If needed a squad of terminators can split off.

-Wolf Priest buffs Terminators.
-AM is wider board control force with ranged force to support the wolves against more numerous and mobile elements.
-Tank Commanders order each other ( or themselves not sure if allowed? ) to reroll turret weapons. If stationary ( reroll 1's Cadian trait ) and manage to get Overlapping fields of fire off ( the +1 to hit Cadian strategy ). Shooting twice, Re Roll # of shots, Hitting on 2+ rerolling 1's seems pretty good. Use sentinels to try get the first wound off to use the stratagem; to hold back field objectives; and for some area denial.
-Chimera transports both special weapons squads.

-Tempestus Command Squad is an extra small mobile fire base to add extra firepower where needed or to take a needed point.


Space Wolf List: 607 Points, Vanguard Detachment.



AM List: 1349 Points, Brigade Detachment, Cadian.





*Edit* New AM List Variation: 1392 Points, Double Battalion Variation, Cadian.


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I don't think that your space wolves are good choices. Terminator armor should be replaced by blood claws. The brigade isn't bad, but you should drop a tank commander for an company commander and a normal leman russ battle tank. Drop the Annihilators tend to underperform. For the same punch, I'd recommend demolisher in its place. The lascannon sentinels are only good choices if you use them as static turrets.
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