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Shattered Empires - Alt heresy WIP

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Events up until the Horus Heresy and the internment of the Emperor in the Golden Throne remain as canon. Here's a quick recap, in case it's needed.

The Emperor leads mankind in the Great Crusade after the chaos gods scatter his Primarch creations throughout the galaxy.
The Primarchs are found and humanity is mostly reunited.
At the Triumph of Ulanor the Emperor announces his retirement from the Great Crusade and name Horus as his Warmaster, charging him with leading the Crusade from then on.
Horus is mortally wounded and, while being healed on Davin, falls under the sway of the Chaos Gods.
Horus sways several of his brother Primarchs and their legions to his side and, during the cleansing of Istvaan, slaughters any loyalist elements within the traitor legions as well as decimating numerous othe loyalist legions.
After many years of brutal, apocalyptic warfare Horus manages to lay siege to the Imperial Fortress on Terra itself.
Horus and the Emperor do battle on Horuses battle barge, Vengeful Spirit. The Emperor is mortally wounded and Horus dies. The Emperor is interred in the Golden Throne, preserving his life.
The enraged and grief-stricken loyalist forces seek to drive their traitorous brother into the warp-rift, known as the Eye of Terror.

This is where this alternate timeline diverges from the mainstream wh40k timeline.

To be continued...when i can get to a computer again. Up until now I'm writing on my phone and thats annoying me.

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Creating chapter lore is my hobby. I don't really have the money or skills to do much modelling or painting. If you want to use something I've written, feel free. All i ask is that you let me see what you've done with it. biggrin.png


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