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Top 5 personal favorite models

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... assuming just Chaos? Oh boy... no number order here


  • The Scarab Occult. I absolutely love the Thousand Sons, Egypt, Terminators and they mix ALL those together.
  • Mortarion. Magnus would have won the slot, but I honestly think Mortarion is slightly better and I wanted to limit it to one Primarch model.
  • The Hellbrute models. Talk about an iconic way to chaosify dreadnoughts, and I still don't OWN any of them!
  • The Traitor Librarian in Cataphrachtii armor. Barely converted him to make him my Corphycus.
  • The new Noise Marine. The one model who was a joy just to assemble.

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Warp Talons, HH Deathshroud, HH Palatine Blades, HH Laeran Terminators and HH Mortarion.


Not in order but just off the top of my head. Man I wish warp talons were playable in 8th.

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Brokejaw Gutripper

Brokejaw Gutripper


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Rubric Marines
Plague Marines
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In no particular order... 


Leviathan Siege Dreadnought.

Ahriman (40k version).

Old metal Daemon Prince from 4rd edition.

Plastic Lord of Change.

The Forge World Daemon Prince of Khorne.

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Sgt. Blank

Sgt. Blank


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I'd add another vote for the Juan Diaz Daemon Prince - hands down favorite. I'm still using it regularly despite the relative inefficiency of Khornate Daemon Princes.

Not sure if this quite fits or not but I also liked all the Khorne Lord on juggernaut conversions. The lack of official model for 4+ editions had some great results





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Top five Chaos only:


Gal Vorbak

Biologus Putrifier

Plague Marines

Rubric Marines

Chaos Sorcerer (The old metal sculpt with the Plasma Pistol, Staff, and bear trap looking helm)

Slan Drakkos

Slan Drakkos


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The new noise marine model
Juan Diaz daemonettes
The Infernal Enrapturess




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1: Juan Diaz Daemon Prince model. I mean, how the heck can you not?

2: Hellforged Sicaran Battle Tank. It's one of the coolest tanks out there...period! (imho, of course)

3: The old 2nd ed metal termies. The details on these guys are incredible! The cables and bling looks just as archaic as you would imagine a millennia year old terminator armour to be.

4: The old metal sorcerer (the one with the skull face), I always liked him (and he was in the short comic story "The Bridge" as well in their old comic magasine).

5: The old four...the four god-specific marines Jes Goodwin made 1990, they set the tone and look for the god-specific marine imagery in every iteration since then...and their quality still holds up.

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In no particular order:

1: Juan Diaz Daemon Prince: I'm SO pissed I never managed to get one before it was removed from the website. Now I can't get one because screw getting an unassembled, unpainted one for any reasonable price.

2: Khârn. I can't choose between his three models, so I just say Khârn. Each one has aspects I like. The original metal/finecast one is amazing, and still holds up despite being small by today's standards, the FW one's helmet and face are AMAZING, and the new one is just pure badassery.

3: FW Gal Vorbak: If I ever add Possessed to my Khorne Daemonkin, I need two sets of these guys, and a few boxes of Possessed.

4: Haarken Worldclaimer: The fact that I've been waffling with how to make my Jump-Pack Lord for my World Eaters was solved by this one model really shows how good of a design he has. Not too over-the-top, and generic enough to easily turn into a Khornate Lord.

5: Tie between the Kytan, Zhufor the Impaler, Brass Scorpion, Red Butchers and Blood Slaughterers. I just can't choose :lol:




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-Leviathan Dread
-Celestine (She's a daemon)
-Sicaran Tank
-Obsidius Mallex? lol

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1. Daemon Prince by Juan Diaz 

By a landslide.


2. Gal Vorbak

Love 'em. Gotta buy some more.


3. Terminators/Terminator Lord

In a bit of a cop out I'm gonna lump those two together. Even if they're beginning to show their age, these terminators provide the basis for most of my conversions for my Night Lords and I usually try to preserve as much of the original as possible; all for a reason. The trims are not excessive, the heads and weapons look great and the minis as a whole just convey this archaic, brutish vibe that I want in chaos marines. Also, their trophy racks come in handy all the time. They get bonus points for easy customizability, which newer units often lack.


4. Raptors from 2002

While their newer incarnation has a few good bits (the chainswords alone justify the buy), I like the older ones much more. They weren't designed just as marines with jump packs and instead look like avian predators hunting for prey. Their helmets, clawed feet, shoulder pads...it all fits so well together. Oh and the jump packs! Still the best.


5. Maulerfiend

Maybe they could stand to look more vicious and intimidating, but after finishing two of those good doggies I came to appreciate them a lot. I left off the lasher tendrils and magma cutters and switched its head for the forgefiend one, because I thought they were either overly burdening its frame or because I didn't care for their design, but other than that the mini is snappy as hell. Daemon engines were a great addition to the chaos roster and I hope GW releases a couple more.


Special shout-out to the aspiring champion from the box of chaos marines back in 3rd/4th edition with his awesome power fist, plasma pistol, and horned helmet; and to obliterators. I know they look pretty terrible, but I was quite excited when I first saw the teaser for them in White Dwarf. I love converting them and getting the most out of those hideous bastards.




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1. Chaos Terminators/Terminator Lord, either the old metals or the plastics. I like the sense of weight and the strange bestial look they have, plus there are so many options. I can justify combining them because nearly all of my Terminators have parts from the Lord box. :)

2. Rubric Marines, either the old monopose RT versions or the new ones we have now. Do not speak of the 3rd Edition combo kit in my presence. smile.png

3. Defiler. I love the craziness, and I've built my own versions of 6 different vehicles out of Defiler parts. The conversion potential is huge.

4. Dark Angels Veterans.....so many bits to make so many Fallen/Black Lions.

5. Dark Vengeance Chosen.....so easy to convert. I've chopped the same 6 guys into so many different configurations I'm beginning to lose count.

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