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2k knights + ad mech + assassins

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Time of madness

Time of madness


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Looking for help making a tourny list for knights. 2000pts. Looking to take something along the lines of

Super heavy detachment (taranis)
Castellan (ion bulwark) 604pts
Crusader (avenger + endless fury + rapid fire + missile pods) 494pts
Crusader (avenger + rapid fire + missile pods) 494pts

Ad mech battalion (graia)
- 2 enginseers 60pts
- 3 units of 5 rangers 105pts

Assassin vanguard
- 2 culexus assassins 170pts
- 1 callidus assassin 70pts

Total of 1997pts

Anyway to make this better? Prettt much settled on this as a list.




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I like the list. It’s interesting that it’s mostly all shooty. The best thing to do is to be smart with your crusaders and make sure they make their points back in the melee phase. If you hang back and don’t utalise the potential your army isn’t getting the full bang for buck.

It looks quite fun though. I don’t use assassins but it’s
Not a bad way to spend 240 points.




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I think if your playing competitively it’s a great idea to take the Assassins. I do often consider a pure CC Knight and I like the idea of a few Arquebus if possible but I think your list seems great. Let us know how it goes.

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