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Grey Knights with Blood Angels? (competitive)

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Hey there,

So normally I´m playing AdMech together with my BA, but lately if been more and more thinking that this combo might not be the best and so my attention turned to Grey Knights.


So let me preface: I play in a pretty competitve enviroment, but we play a restricted tournament series here, so keep this in mind please.

The restrictions are:

- 1750 pts

- max 2 detachment (1 mandatory batallion)

- max 2 times the same unit, exception troops

- max 1 LoW



So my idea was to build kind of a one-two punch list. The base would be a double batallion for those CPs.

## GK Batallion ##


- Captain Stern

- 3x5 Strikes

- Ancient with relic banner



## BA Batallion ##

- Smash Captain

- Sanguinor

- 3 x 5 Intercessors 

- 10 Sanguinary Guard with Fists

- Sanguinary Ancient with 5+++ FnP banner



Basic plan would be to use the Intercessors as durable objective holders, while GMNDK gates first turn with a 2++ and my Sanguinary Guard + support advance up the board.  So the opponent basically has two very tough units to deal with T1. Rest comes in T2 for support.


That would be around 1690 points. Instead of Stern + Ancient I also could go second GMNDK.


Could something like this work or am I fooling myself?

Would also love some insight from someone playing GK + BA, about how you run them!




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Now my GK are quite baseline - 3x5 Strike w/ Psycannon and a Champ.

I've only just started BA (Picked up 2 Sanguinary Priest Narthecia. Way to go, eh?), but I have run the GK with Black Templars.

The backbone of the BTs are a JP Captain, JP Lt and 2x5 VVs to have one tagging along with each of the HQs.


Now what is missing from that list I've got there is dedicated anti-armor. The GK provide volume of fire that's golden against hordes, but a few Smites per turn just don't cut it against higher T.

Enter 3x5 Crusaders with 2 Plasma Guns and a Plasma Cannon each.


In your army, the Sanguinary Guard probably fill that role. But they're 10 and can only be one place at a time while providing a big broad golden target.

make them 2x5.

Also, Why aren't you boosting them with a JP Sanguinary Priest? +1S from that guy was the entire reason I decided to get into BA - I love my Templar VVs, but Death Company fueled by a Priest seemed like them turned up to 11.


I like the GK list. Straightforward while comparatively durable where you need it. If the GMNDK dies more quickly on the table than you'd like though, add in a second one.

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I have had two successful runs with a compact GK supreme command and a Blood Angel supreme command paired with a Guard screening/shooting element. 




Bro. Captain


Ancient with Relic Banner


445 points for a 2d6 6" and 12" smite battery with tons of powers and denies. If I keep 85 reinforcement points I can narrow the focus with the Culexus to tilt the psychic phase or Vindicare to finish off wounded enemy characters to gain CP. 


paired with


Captain Slam


Librarian Dreadnought


Each one of which can kill anything in the game. 




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I wouldn't say you're fooling yourself but I see no point in taking GK with BA. BA can fulfil every role that GK do and then some. I can see the slightest reasons for taking possibly a supreme command for the added psychic prowess and the fact that our HQs are generally quite exceptional. But I think  taking a battalion is practically useless. A Smash Captain will get you further than a GMNDK imo and if you're just taking strikes for the horde clearing firepower, BA can get that already in bucket loads anyway.

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