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Build a Daemon Engine

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After coming across the image of a mysterious Daemon Engine in Vigilus artwork. I have a game, first the picture - stolen shamelessly from Natfka http://natfka.blogsp...ng-through.html




So here's the Game - design a Daemon Engine concept. Rules are not necessary but flavour is the name of the game. Also, it needs to be Legion specific :)


I'll have a go:


Name: Empyric Cannon

Legion: Iron Warriors.

Description: The Empyric cannon in the body looks less like a gun and more like a tubular Glass Stasis tube, with mechanadrils, and arcane devices surrounding it, filled with a vortex of screaming souls and Daemons. The Empyric Cannon creates a rift into the Warp within itself, draws the daemonic energies and entities and hurls it at it's victims. The screaming Vortex of souls and Daemons tears through anything in it's path as they violently return to the Immaterium. However with this Daemonic artillery, there is always a risk an entity too large for the containment field will be drawn through and go on a rampage.


Come up with your own!

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Arachnids have 8 legs. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

World Eaters: Gorantula

An uncommon daemon engine in the armies of the blood god (or perhaps rarely observed and evaded), the gorantula lives to harvest blood from the battlefield. Its eight limbs are tipped with savage blades, allowing the beast to impale its prey while moving with otherworldly dexterity. Once it has ensnared a victim, it sinks white hot fangs into their flesh to inject an empyrean venom into them, digesting not only flesh but soul alike. It then sucks this liquid essence into its body, to be vomited forth in tribute to its master once it returns to the realm of blood, skulls, and fire. The gorantula’s maw houses a baleflamer, which it uses to devastating effect against any foes who get too close. Charred bones and empty husks are all that are left in its wake.
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Xin Ceithan

Xin Ceithan


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I have a couple of things locked away....

Among other things

A Siege engine that is basically what happens when you cross a knight chassis with the obliteratior / mutilator virus...

A "pauper Knight" which is made from the wreck of knight and possessed by a daemon of Nurgle....

A void dragon ship hunter / boarding thingy which is what happens when cross a Tarantula or Charybdis drop pod with an octopus...

For now, let's start with this little fiend:

Alley Mantis

More precisely described as "That-which-lurks-among-the-Spires" in their creators native Nostraman and derived from an urban legend, the so called "Alley Mantises" are often deployed in advance by more esoteric (or pragmatic) minded Night Lord warbands.

Believed to be created by binding a Stalker entity to a frame akin to an ancient Vorax class Automata, Alley Mantis is a much larger beast, covered in chitinious plates and barbs and spikes. Armed with a vicious array of long, curved blades and venoms mandibles, it prefers to hunt from ambush and is able to perfectly blend in with it surroundings. Some have even been reported to be able to step across the veil akin to those traitor legionaries referred to as " Warp Talons", who seem to be able to form some sort of bond with these normally solitary hunters.
The Alley Mantis develops the tendency to decorate it's shell and shell with trophies and remains of it's witness, adding them to the already horrific outlook of it's insectile, biomechanical appearance.
When cornered, or facing more resilient prey, the Mantis is equipped with twin multi-barreled projectile weapons among it's forearms. Nicknamed "Gatling-Screechers", these launch a hail of bioacidic bolts at it's target, each shell issuing the death scream of a victim which fell to the claws of the Mantis before. Some patterns of the Mantis have been observed to be able to project a beam of empyrean energy from a barbed stinger mounted upon their back carapace, though this may be a trait reserved to those specimen who are able to evolve along the way of their murderous hunt on the material plane.
An apex urban predator, the Night Lords have released these terror of their childhoods upon the hive cities of the Imperium...
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I've got two ideas, both for the Emperor's Children:


"Excruicator Terminatus" Sonic Cannon.



A parasitic daemon weapon that is implanted within the chassis of a vehicle, the Excruciator Terminus resembles a bizarre hybrid between a vox-amp and a siege gun, though most of its body is contained within the vehicle it infests. It fills the hull of its host with fleshy cables and metallic tentacles, corrupting every single component and giving the bound daemon within the cannon control over the machine.


The weapon itself is terrifying to behold, producing crushing waves of sound that causes every cell in a victim's body to simultaneously burst, usually reducing them to bloody slop. Armour is seldom a defence against it, for it can also produce a high-pitched shriek that shatters adamantium like glass. Worst of all, the host vehicle is heavily fortified by the daemon possessing it, rendering it nigh-on indestructible and able to regenerate from damage that would reduce any other vehicle to scrap.


Fortunately for the Imperium, such vehicles are rare, and not without disadvantages; they become useless as transports due to their interiors being filled in their entirety with the daemon-weapon's innards, and they require a "minder" at all times to prevent them from turning on their allies. Land Raiders are common hosts for these abominable weapons, though there have been records of a Typhon Siege Tank being converted.



Take any tank. Put a big sonic blaster of some kind on it and blend it on with cables (guitar wire, GSW tentacle makers, etc). For bonus points, add extra cable/speakery details to the vehicle.



Use an artillery tank of some kind (Vindicators for example) and you've basically got yourself the basis. I actually got the idea from converting up my Land Raider into a "Noise Raider", which will be proxied as an Achilles.


Pillar of Debasement:


Fluff: Appearing as an abstract floating column, the Pillar of Debasement takes many forms depending on its origins, and no two Pillars are the same. Some appear as primitive idols, barely recognizable as machines at all, whilst others resemble intricate crystalline rods carved with arcane geometric circuitry and overlaid with shifting murals of incredible artifice, and everything in between. However, at their core, all Pillars of Debasement are creations of monstrous evil with the singular goal of the corruption of all things to the path of excess, debauchery and ultimately ruin.


The Pillar of Debasement projects a powerful psychic field around it which gnaws at the souls of mortals- any sentient being who spends too long near the Pillar will have their mind assailed with whispered voices promising unearthly delights and visions of exquisite pleasures of all kinds. Quickly, social mores are abandoned, vows are forgotten and the weak willed are in the thrall of the Pillar. They will do its every whim, turning on their foes or taking their own lives if the foul device so desires. Even those with a strong mental fortitude may fall before its mental onslaught, for resisting it will bring about its wrath, filling the offending mind with visions so horrific that most will never recover from the trauma, if indeed they survive the experience.


It is unknown how far the influence of the Pillar extends, for even artillery commanders ordered to fire on the things have found themselves under its sway. However, whilst its corrupting power is terrifying, the machine is physically mostly defenceless and is fairly frail- those few who can see through its illusions can destroy it fairly easily.


Modelling: Self explanatory really. It's a tall floaty thing that doesn't have a set look. So basically, short of putting it on a flying stand, go wild.


Rules: None at present. Not sure how you'd even write rules for this thing really...

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"Painting with this stuff is like trying to copy the Mona Lisa using Napalm." -DuskRaider on Typhus Corrosion.

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The thing just looks like massive shoulder paulrdons on legs.


Name: Pauldrons of the Warmaster


Legion: Black Legion


Description: After losing his arms, Ababbadon needed somewhere to rest his pauldrons until he could find a suitable replacement for his arms. His warpsmiths went to work right away, crafting a massive spider-like Daemon-engine, large enough to carry the weight of the pauldrons. On the battlefield, these relics of the past serve as a reminder to the warriors of the black legion (of Abaddon's lost arms) to ensure that the find the right size in their never ending quest to replace their Warmaster's arms.

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