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Ghazghkull's Horde - 2k List (ITC)

goffs evil sunz deathskulls

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Hi guys,

Can I please get some feedback on my 2k list (1,997pts).
It seems pretty competitive and thematic but I'm still pretty new to 8th ed.


- Tactics below -

Battleforged + 3CP

Goff Battalion + 5CP

  • HQ - Ghazghkull (warlord / proper killy = +1 attack + -1AP on charge)
  • HQ - Warboss (kustom shoota, klaw, attack squig)
  • Troops - 30x Skarboyz (1x klaw, 29x choppas) - 1CP
  • Troops - 30x Skarboyz (1x klaw, 29x choppas) - 1CP
  • Troops - 10x gretchin
  • Elite - 9x Nobs (Boss w/ klaw, 2x klaws, 2x dual choppas, 4x big choppas)
  • Heavy - Battlewagon ('ard case, deff rolla, 1x big shoota)  


Evil Sunz Battalion  +5CP

  • HQ - Warboss (Da Killa Klaw, kustom shoota, attack squig)
  • HQ - Weirdboy (da jump)
  • Troops - 30x boyz (1x klaw, 29x choppas)
  • Troops - 10x gretchin
  • Troops - 10x gretchin

Deathsuklls Spearhead +1CP

  • HQ - Big mek w/ shokk attack gun
  • Elites - 10x tankbustas
  • Heavy - Battlewagon (w/ Killakannon, 1x big shootas)
  • Heavy - Mek smasha gun
  • Heavy - Mek smasha gun


- I've got 14 command points. Two have been spent on the skarboyz & I will spend a further two to put 10x tankbustas in the kannon wagon & tellyport them in.

- The nobs + Goff warboss will be in the deff rolla wagon which'll speed up the map. I can spend 1CP for the 3x D6 charge if I get close enough.


- Ghazghkull + 30x Skarboyz / Evil Sunz warboss + 30x boyz will march up the board.

I'll keep a unit of grots close by to both characters & use them as shields for 1CP if either is targeted.

- Weirdboy will jump 30x skarboyz (can be a different kultur).


- Big mek + 2x Mek guns will sit on the backline with 10 screening grots. 
The mek isn't the greatest character BUT he's fun & very Deathskulls-ish. I killed a Carnifex in one go which was hilarious.


Instagram: Imperium_artwork

Youtube: Imperi-um

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