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2k Stygies List - Using new servitor detachment

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Hey all,


Have been tinkering around with a new list Ive been working on since CA/Vigilus dropped.


Is mainly made up from what I already had, with a couple of newer additions.


Had a first game with it this weekend and pleased to say it was a resounding win against my mates dark angels, with him conceding at the end of turn 3. It was a real fun game, and overall pleased with how my list held up.


Its made up of 2 battallions, both run as Stygies VIII mainly for the -1 (and scout moves when needed is mega useful). No reason you probably couldnt optimise this further by using two forgeworlds, but I dont like it from a thematic standpoint, and too old/mindboggled at the best of times to remember the rules I have with only 1 forgeworld from a game standpoint haha.


p.s. many thanks to Ross my opponent for agreeing to let me proxy in terrax drills. I dont have a lot of time for games/modelling right now and really wanted to try these out before spending a lot of cash for them through FW.



+++ 2000pts +++


TechPriest Dominus - Master of Biosplicing, Autocadeus of Arkhan Land
Engineseer - Prime Hermeticon (using field commander) 
Breachers x6 - arc rifles, hydraulic claws
Vanguard x5 - 2 Plasma, Alpha has maul
Vanguard x5 - 2 Plasma
Fulgurite Electro Priests x10
Servitors x 4
Kastelan Robots x2 - Phosphor, Phosphor, Phosphor
Terrax Assault Drill - Storm Bolters, Melta Cutter
Terrax Assault Drill - Storm Bolters, Melta Cutter
Rangers x5 - 2x Arqebus, Omnispex 
Rangers x5 - 2x Arqebus, Omnispex 
Rangers x5 - 2x Arqebus, Omnispex 
Infiltrators x5 - Goad/Blasters
Infiltrators x5 - Goad/Blasters
Infiltrators x5 - Swords/Carbines
Onager - Neutron + Stubber, Stubber


Onager - Neutron + Stubber, Stubber


Onager - Icarus Array, Stubber




13 CP (10 once you've paid for Breacher Maniple, Field Commander, and Breachers to have a 5++)


infiltrators all go into reserve


1 Terrax Carries both vanguard and an engineseer


1 Terrax carries the fulgurites and the prime hermeticon engineseer


Terraxes can either deepstrike, or start on the board and make use of stygies to get forward/move out of sight before turn 1.


If i dont need lots of deepstrike and need more screen instead..i could always put 2 infiltrator squads into 1 terrax instead, and start the vanguard on the board.


If prime hermeticon engineseer, fulgurites and infiltrators end up in the enemies face, with the now granted reroll hits in combat (and possibility to reroll 1s to wound with canticles???)...this can end up nasty.


Dominus, remaining engineseer, breachers, rangers and Onagers form a -1 to hit backline that can shift  about.


Robots walk into a fire lane turn 1 and switch on distractioncarnifex/shooty protocols.

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I like the look of it, but to be honest my Mechanicus don't really play like this so I'd feel like any advice would be off the cuff, and probably not realistic. :)


Looks good though, make sure you let us know how it goes. :tu:

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