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2000pt thousand sons with some daemons

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Time of madness

Time of madness


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Double battalion + supreme command

Supreme command
- Ahriman (warlord)
- 2 daemon prince with wings/talons
- Magnus

TS battalion
- prince with wings/talons and dark crystal matter
- sorcerer with combi Bolter
- 30 tzaangors with horn
- 2 units of 10 tzaangors

Daemon battalion
- 2 changecasters with staff
- 30 pink horrrors
- 2 units of 10 brimstones

Comes in at 1996pts

Most likely dark crystal the tzaangors first turn. Maybe warptime the horrors to try to get them in second turn.

Not much long ranger fire power, but I think it’s a decent list

Opinions on making it better
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You are missing some screening for all those HQ's. And Magnus dies easily when playing competitively, as most people want to be able to deal with knights.


Also you need a tzaangor shaman for the tzaangor bomb, as far as I know.

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can't warptime horrors, target of warptime must be <heretic astartes>


10x tzaangor herds are pretty weak, better off going with 50pt cultist squads or finging the points for rubrics now that beta bolter rule is out there. 


also, not a fan of making Ahriman the warlord, 3++ is eh on a 5 wound model.  Better off in my opinion giving a DPoT Aethersride -or- giving another caster high magister for an additional +1 to increase your probability of getting those important spells off and making it harder for your opponent to deny. 

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You cant warptime horrors. It need a heretic astartes unit to be target.

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