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FAQ and CA: confused what beta/official rules are in effect

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I am really confused about what rules are currently in effect. If i wanted to play in a competitive environment what matched play rules are being used? There is the rulebook, codex and the documents I am aware of listed at the bottom:


1) Big FAQ 2 writeup by GW mention 'fly' rule changes introduced in FAQ 1. I cannot see any changes in either FAQ (though I am aware what it's supposed to be, can't discount vertical distance when charging up anymore). Does this enigmatic rule exist anywhere?


2)Chapter approved includes battle brothers and targeting characters official rules as well as tactical restraint beta rule. Does this mean official rules from all FAQ before chapter approved can be ignored because they should be in CA?


Going by the above, is it essentially CA+ beta rules from all previous FAQ, or just one previous FAQ? Plus bolter discipline which wasn't in an FAQ.


Thanks for any clarity!


Big FAQ1:


-targeting characters becomes an official rule

-smite limitations become an official rule

/Battle brothers becomes a beta rule

/Tactical reserve limitations become a beta rules


Big FAQ2:


-Battle brothers becomes an official rule

/Tactical reserve limitation beta rules become stricter

/Tactical restraint becomes a beta rule


Chapter approved 2018:

battle brothers included

targeting characters included

Tactical restraint renamed limits of command. Becomes official rule?


Battle brothers becomes a beta rule

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Honestly, you are best off asking any given tourney TO what rules they are going to use-each might be slightly different. Really the same for any stores you might play in.
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SmIte & character targeting went official in CA2017.

For GW official rules you need MRB, latest FAQ and all CAs

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