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2000 pts competitive pure wolves

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Battalion 1


WolfLord with jumpack (Thunder hammer/Storm shield, the wulfenstone relic) Warlord (Saga of the wolfkin)

WG Battle Leader with jumpack (Thunder hammer/Storm shield)


5xBloodclaws (1xpowerfist)

5xBloodclaws (1xpowerfist)

5xBloodclaws (1xpowerfist)


5xwulfen (4xthunder hammers/storm shields, 1x frost claws leader)

1xdreadnought (twin las / missile launcher)


5xlongfangs (4xlascannons)


1xStormfang gunship (2xlascannons,2xtwin heavy bolters, helfrost destructor)


1xrazorback (twin assault cannon/storm bolter)

1xrazorback (twin assault cannon/storm bolter)

1xrazorback (twin lascannon/storm bolter/ hunter killer missile)

Battalion 2


Runepriest with jumpack (runic stave, armour of russ, furry of wolf spirits, tempest wrath,smite)

Stock Wolf guard battle leader (chainsword /bolter)


5x grey hunters (1xplasma gun)

5x grey hunters (1xplasma gun)

5x intercessors (rapid fire bolt rifles/1xauxiliary grenade launcher)

2000 pts on the nose!!!


The force is divided in 4 parts

Part1 "The moving castle"

Bloodclaws enter the assault razorbacks and the gunship and they move towards my opponet in a bubble created by my jump pack HQs (reroll 1s to hit,1s to wound and runepriest buff -1 to hit). Also my HQs protect the vehicles with 6" heroic interventions and the armour of russ shenanigans.

Part 2 "The Support Battery"

Longfangs deploy in their las razorback to avoid first turn fire if i go second. Then they dissembark in a ruin and get wolf's eye and keen senses. The las razorback stays close to the dreadnought and the stock wolfguard battle leader in order to get reroll 1s to hit from dreadnought and reroll 1s to wound from battle leader. Intercessors try to do the same taking advantage of the new bolter rule.

Part 3 " The hunting party"

Wulfen go on the hunt

Part 4 " Jacks of all trades masters of none"

The 2 grey hunters squads either follow the moving castle from behind providing some support and screening or they camp objectives and stay immobile for the new bolter rule

Total CPs = 13 - 1 (for extra relic) - 1 (for wulfen on the hunt) = 11 to play with.


Ps :in my meta we don't use forge world units

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