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2000 point Stalker Pack Rhino Brigade

Space Wolves Stalker Pack Rhinos Brigade

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++ Brigade Detachment +12CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [113 PL, 2000pts, 10CP] ++


+ No Force Org Slot +

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Detachment CP [12CP]

Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Stalker Pack

Trophies of Fenris [-3CP]: Trophies of Fenris - 2 Extra Relics


+ HQ +

Rune Priest [7 PL, 136pts]: 4. Fury of the Wolf Spirits, Bolt pistol, Jump Packs, Psychic hood, Runic armour, Runic axe, Saga of the Wolfkin, The Wulfen Stone, Warlord

Wolf Guard Battle Leader [5 PL, 109pts, -1CP]: Jump Packs, Saga of the Savage, Storm shield, Stratagem: Field Commander, The Armour of Russ, Thunder hammer

Wolf Lord [6 PL, 113pts]: Black Death, Frost axe, Jump Packs, Storm shield


+ Troops +

6 x Blood Claws [4 PL, 74pts]
. 4x Blood Claw
. Blood Claw Pack Leader: Power fist


+ Elites +

Reivers [5 PL, 110pts]: Combat knife, Grapnel Launcher, Grav Chutes, 4x Reiver, Reiver Pack Leader

Wolf Guard [9 PL, 103pts]: Jump Packs
. 4 x Wolf Guard: Chainsword, Storm shield
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Chainsword, Chainsword

Wulfen [11 PL, 225pts]
. 2x Great frost axe
. 2x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 2x Storm Shield, 2x Thunder Hammer
. 4x Wulfen
. Wulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws


+ Fast Attack +

2 x Cyberwolves [1 PL, 15pts]: Cyberwolf

Thunderwolf Cavalry [8 PL, 184pts]
. 2 x Thunderwolf Cavalry: Power fist, Storm shield
. Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader: Storm shield, Thunder hammer


+ Heavy Support +

3 x Long Fangs [8 PL, 110pts]
. 4 x Long Fang: Heavy bolter
. Long Fang Pack Leader: Boltgun and Bolt Pistol, Chainsword


+ Dedicated Transport +

3 x Rhino [4 PL, 72pts]: Storm bolter


++ Total: [113 PL, 2000pts, 10CP] ++




With the Cloaked By The Storm Stratagem and the rhinos smoke launchers – a lot of the army will be -2 to shoot at for one crucial turn before they deliver their cargo.


With all those wolves hitting on 2+’s with str 8-10 weapons can be pretty devastating. 


Plus they will have a bunch of extra attacks as needed once the characters get mixed in, kill some guys, and create 2 x Saga auras.


Each BC Pack will start with 8 base attacks on the charge plus 3 power fist attacks from the pack leader. Then if you combine it with the 2 sagas + wulfen or wulfen stone, that's 20 base attacks plus 6 power fist attacks.


The Wolf Guard Battle Leader gives reroll 1’s to wound and with the saga needing 5 wounds he should get it fairly easily with the thunder hammer.


WGBL, Blood Claws and Reivers all have access to the Blood Scent and Pack Killers strategem too. 3D6 charge and +1 to wound.


The Rune Priest can start hidden somewhere, then move up with the vehicles and buff himself with Fury of the wolf spirits (then use the Cloaked By The Storm Stratagem). With the saga needing 5 models to die in the fight phase, he's then got plenty of attacks to go around.


Reivers and Wolf Guard start in reserve, along with potentially the Wulfen (who we can use Cunning of the Wolf on).


I went with Heavy Bolters on the Long Fangs as getting a Brigade to work well with a Marine army is hard.


Cyberwolves are there as they are only 15 points.


Wulfen and Thunderwolf Cavalry are Elite Beatsticks that I want to get close to the re-roll and + attack auras.


Due to points and the fact their are already lots of Power Fists and Thunder Hammers, I thought the Wolf Lord could focus on the number of attacks, with the various buffs he can get up to 10 attacks at S6 -2 D1.


Could potentially swap him out for a Wolf Priest with Jump Pack, Power Fist and the Frostfury Relic... thoughts?






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I believe you pay less points in unit tax by using double battalion and also you lack some anti tank support.


I would go with something like this:


Double Battalion




124 Wolf lord with jump pack (TH/SS,saga of wolfkin)


109 WGBL with jump pack (TH/SS)


109 WGBL with jump pack (TH/SS)


122 Runepriest with jump pack (Armour of Russ, runic stave)




444 6x 5 man bloodclaws (1xpowerfist)




227 5xwulfen (4xTH/SS, 1xtwin claws leader)




170 5xlongfangs (4xlascannons)




259 stormfang (2xlascannon,2xtwin heavy bolters, helfrost destructor)




222 3xrhinos (2xstormbolters)



214 spare points to spend ...I would get some more shooty elements for support






Bloodclaws enter the rhinos and the stormfang. One of the rhinos has 5 spots open for longfangs to get inside for turn 1 protection and then they dissembark in a nearby ruin and get keen senses and wolves eye while the rhino moves forward with the others. Rhinos and the flyer get -2 to hit from runepriest and rerolls from wolf lord and battle leaders. Wulfen go on the hunt. You can use the stalker pack if you want because there are many bloodclaws and battle leaders


Wolf lords and battle leader are better with thunder hammers thnx to +1 to hit with chapter tactic (too good to pass)


Reivers are really bad units


With the point drop on storm shields the best wulfen loadout is 4xTH/SS 1xleader/c/aws


Cheers !!!

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What is the -1 command point for Stalker Pack? And where can I find it?

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What is the -1 command point for Stalker Pack? And where can I find it?

vigilus book

i dont pay for stuff like that or chapter approved....the part of GW i hate

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What does Stalker pack do?
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Option for a warlord trait witch gives a wolf guard battle leader An extra. If you deal 5 damage in a single fase, it becomes An aura.

Vigulus pack cost 1 cp, wt costs 1 cp.

Also 2 stratagems, all blood claws and wgbl get +1 to wound on an already wounded model.

An o yeah, there is an option to get a crappy relic axe nobody wants

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