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Tournament report 1800 points. Pure Blood Angels.

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This will be quite a lenghty post, so i apologize in advance.


This saturday our local store hold a tounament as a trainer for an uncoming gt. It was a small 3-round tournament, but we had several top players testing competitive lists for that tournament, and i was asked to participate to give the something to chew. To my surprise, I came third overall with a pure blood angels list. We had several list building rules: Only 2 detachments, that must be different, 0-3 datasheet limit, with some other restrictions, no fw units. Chapter approved 2018 rules and beta bolter rule on. With this on mind i came up with this list:


Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Blood Angels)


Commander Dante
Lieutenant: Master-crafted boltgun, Power sword, The Veritas Vitae


2x Intercessor Squad. Auxiliary grenade launcher, Bolt rifle, 4x Intercessor. Sergeant w. Chainsword
Tactical Squad. 4x Space Marine. Space Marine Sergeant: Chainsword, Storm bolter


Heavy Support
Baal Predator: Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon, Two heavy bolters
Predator: Storm bolter, Twin lascannon, Two lascannons

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Blood Angels)


Librarian Dreadnought: 1. Quickening, 2. Unleash Rage, Furioso fist, Storm bolter
The Sanguinor, Warlord


Sanguinary Guard 5xfists, angelus bolters.
2x Sternguard Veteran Squad, 10 men, special issue boler. Sarge with special issue bolter and chainsword

Vanguard veteran squad. Jumpacks, 10x storm shields, 7x chainswords, 2x power axes, 1 power sword, melta bomb.


My General plan was to castle the preds, the sternguard, and the troops with dante and the lieutenant as buffers and use the rest of the army as a mobile strike force to assault or divert the enemy from my castle. Generally speaking, it worked out surprisingly well.




Depoyment: Front line assault

Eternal war: Ascension.

Maelstorm of war: Tactical Gambit.

Secondary missions: First Strike, Kingslayer, Linebreaker.

Enemy: Chaos Demons, Horticulus, Infernal Enrapturness, Herald of Tzeench, Khornate Demon prince, 3x30 plaguebearers, 1x30 Pink Horrors, 1x30 bloodletters, 1x feculent gnarmawl, 1xpoxbringer.



In my first round i was paired with one of the top players, with an objective holding list in a tactical gambit game! I tought that's it, i'm done. He even deployed the pink horrors and the bloodletters in the warp. To my surprise, my army took the lead until turn 4, when he gambled 2 and had 2 easy to get cards on his hand, he got 2 other easy picks. In a catastrophic tide of events, he finally got to kill my libby dread that had been holding objective 2 for a long time, then killed the sanguinor that was contending objective 1, and finally managed to pink horror away the last wound from dante, that had the demon prince, horticulus and some plaguebearers on his kill list. with only a lieutenant on foot able to reclaim targets, turn 5 saw both objectives on my opponent hands. Final score 34-23. A much closer game than the final score shows. My army stood quite strong against all the odds, ending the game with the lieutenant, both predators,and  two full strenght units, a sternguard and a intercessor unit. Managed to kill the bloodletters, 2/3 of the plague bearers, and 1/2 of the pink horrors, plus the demon prince, horticulus and the poxbringer. From the tactic point of view, i made some mistakes, being overly aggresive with the sanguinary guard, trying to get the Infernal enrapturness away, and letting the vanguard vets to engage in a long attrition war with two units of plaguebearers to keep them away from my libby dread, instead of sorrounding him on objective 2 and letting the sternguard mow them down. Bolter beta rule is really amazing, and most demon kills were made by the bolters of the sternguard and the intercessors.




Deployment:Search and Destroy

Eternal war: Scorched Earth

Maelstorm of war: targets of opportunity

Secondary: First Strike, Slay the warlord, Linebreaker.

Enemy: Ork Speedfreakzs. 1 big mek, 1 weirdboy, 2 painboyz, 4 meganobzs, 2 units of bikes, 2x20 boyz, 10 stormboyz, 2 battlewagons, 1 gorkanaut, 2x10 gretchins, 1 dakkajet.



I trried to castle, holding my objectives, and left only the sanguinary guard as reserves. The orks got first turn and rushed foward, in the first turn he managed to get a unit of bikes, the stomboyz and the meganobz into combat with my front line, i lost a unit of intercessors, and the second hold miracously, with just 2 men. My counter attack was effective, deleting everything but 2 stormboyz and showing a strong batle line with the tactical squad, the sternguard and the vanguard vets, with the sanguinor and the libby dread as anchors. He almost managed to devastate me in turn 2, jumped one unit of boyz and moved the other to charge distance, moved up the big mek and the gorkanaut, then proceded to dakka dakka dakka both my sternguard units of the table, and erased my tactical squad and the whole vanguard unit with the boyz, the only good news were that my libby dread, rampaged and quickened, interrupted the gorkanaut charge and erased it from the table in a single round, he hold 5 of the six objectives and things looked dire. Then i made my comeback, the sanguinary guard arrived backdoor, and I uwof on the sanguinor to support them, dante rushed foward followed by the lieutenant to support the now lonely libby dread, the predator shot down the dakkajet in a single lascannon volley, dante vaporized the big mek with 6 wounds of his fusion pistol but failed a 4" charge against the last stormboy, the libby dread was denied the quickening and with only 3 attacks he was unable to destroy a battlewaggon. The sanguinary guard managed to delete a unit of gretchings, that was on objective 2, with their bolters and then clear the second bike unit from objective 3. Turn 3 was tight, he burnt his last 3 cp to bring back a battered unit of boys full strenght and aimed at the sanguinor, luckily, he failed his charge. The other unit of boys charged dante, the weirdboy made 6 mortal wounds on a succesful smite to my libby dread, and that lone stormboy, charged him and managed to scracht the last wound before he could do anything. Dante managed to weather 36 normal attacks and 4 big chopa attacks, with two wounds remaining, so i rampaged him with my last command point and sent 8 of the orks back to the abbyss, the lieutenant heroically intervened to kill 2 more, and in the morale phase he lost 4 more. Points wise i was far behind so i took some risky decisions, advanced the sanguinor to objective 2, close to the 20 boys and burnt that objective, dante charged the last boys out of objective 4, and the sanguinary guard went for a long charge on a painboy to get secure objective 6 and assasinate, luckily i got both. Turn 4 saw the sanguinor butchered by the boyz, but the orks were reduced to 7 gretchins, the boyz and 2 battlewagons. On my last turn i was able to secure 3 objectives with the lieutenant, the preds and the sanguinary guard, and dante drove off the gretchins form other and burnt it, with some lucky card draws, including big game hunter and kingslayer, i managed to put me on the lead by destroying a battlewagon. Because of time reasons, we were not allowed to go on turn 5. Final result: 24-19 victory. On review, i made little mistakes and can't imagine a lot of things i would have done differently. Again, Dante showed he's a beaststick, adding a big mek, 12 boyz and 7 gretchins to his kill list.



Deployment: Dawn of war

Eternal war: Vital Intelligence.

Maelstorm of war: Decapitation strike.

Enemy: Necrons. 1 Overlord, 2 cyptecks, 3x10 tesla inmortals, 1x 4 scarabs, 2x 3 destroyers and 1 heavy destroyer, 1x 5 wraiths, 1x4 wraiths.



My enemy deployed in a solid brick, so i castled on cover my intercessors the sternguards and the preds with dante, the libby dread and the lieutenant,  holding 2 of my 3 objectives, the tactical squad, vanguard vets, and the sanguinary guard deployed away from my main battle line, holding my third objective and ready to rush foward to contend for my opponent objectives. He had first turn and only managed to erase my baal and 2 intercessors in the first round because i had deployed my troops quite backwards, he scored 6 points in the first round and started to defend one of his objectives. The shooting phase was amazing for the sternguard, one unit deleted a unit of inmortals, and the other with the help of the predator, managed to bring down 3 destroyers from one unit. In a risky decission i moved up my libby dread and uwof my sanguinary guard to one of his flanks, where he had 4 destroyers and a cryptek, luckily i managed to sneak them to a no line of sight spot so i could charge without worrying about overwatch, the libby managed to delete the destroyers in cc and then the sanguinary guard made short work of the cryptek and consolidated into a unit of inmortals to prevent them from firing, he had to discard defend his objective, so i had prevented him scoring 2 points. My vanguard vets charged the unit of 4 wraiths in an attempt to tie them in an endless 3++ save match, but a disastrous round, where i managed to score 1 1 and 6 2's out of 10 dices, for only one wound on the wraiths brought my expects from hero to zero. Second turn was terrible, he managed to protocol back all of the destroyers i lost 3 sternguards, 2 intercessors, and the sanguinary guard during the shooting phase and he wounded the predator, the assault phase saw the vanguard vets and the libby dread deleted. My turn made up for that, the sternguards, the intercessors and the predator managed to delete the remaining destroyers and 6 inmortals, and got a vital objective under my castle. The rest of the battle went step for my necron opponent, as his vital objectives were on my deployment zone, and his wraiths had to crawl to them, and with only 2 units of inmortals alive to shoot me, he had little hopes of getting me out of them, with dante, the lieutenant and the sanguinor babysitting the sternguard and intercessors. Final score: 29-16 victory. Tactically i was quite satisfied with all the battle, my main mistake was tying his wraiths with my vanguard vets, but besides that, i still think it was the right deccision to spearhead the libby dread and the sanguinary guard to his flank, had he not brought back the three destroyers he had been in a dire spot, with only one unit of inmortals able to shoot, and two strong cc threats on his right flank.




Best Unit: The sternguards, consistently hammered the enemy lines, and supported by the sanguinor showed they can be real beasts in cc against light armoured units and demons, only failed to shine on the second battle as they were deleted by dakka dakka dakka on turn 2. 2 units with 20 s4 fp-2 shots at 24" with masterful markmanship to back one of them, made a very solid performance.


Man of the match: Dante, he buffed the castle consistently during all the tournament, and even not actively engaging, he scored quite a kill list: 1 khornate demon prince, Horticulus, 8 plaguebearers, a big mek, 12 boys, 7 gretchins and 2 wraiths. He really showed why he is the chapter master.


Strong Performance: The libby dread and both predators, the libby was a strong contendant for man of the match having 10 plaguebearers, a gorkanaut, 6 bikes and 4 destroyers on his count, but he lacked the buffing dante made for the whole army. The predators survived most of the time safe for the baal on the last battle, and dished out quite an amount of damage, 6 pink horrors, 12 plaguebearers, 6 bloodletters, 1 dakkajet, 1 battlewagon, 2 meganobz, 11 boyz, a painboy, 2 destroyers two times, 2 wraiths and 6 inmortals are in their kill list.


The rest of the army did their job quite well, maybe only i was a bit dissapointed by my use of the vanguard vets, as now i see i wasted them on the first and third battle.


I know i was a bit lucky by pairing with a top player on the first round, as i was out of the first tables for the whole tounament, so i could score a solid performance on the other two battles, but getting the top 3 with a blood angel list and putting myself over 2 pro players was quite impressive for me.


Hope you'll find this report useful.





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Nice to see a castle style list!
Gives food for thought.
It's something different to what we're used to seeing, glad it worked out.

Nice rep mate!





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Thank you!

I Hope this report will give people new ways to build their list. We have most of the options other chapters have, and seldom use them to Focus on our assault specialization. For the experience on this tournament, i found that my opponents tended to focus my Castle units rather than my assault force, even when they had them on the table, making it easier for me to get them to assault without being on reserve, in fact I only used descent of the angels three times during the whole tournament, when i usually used it twice every battle before.

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