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the Fire Watch

space marine homebrew WiP

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Hello, I'd like to introduce to you my Chapter


Here's a link to my chapter's page.

spacemarine.jpg Regular marine

spacemarine-sgt.jpg Sergent

spacemarine-vet.jpg Veteran

spacemarine-sgt-vet.jpg Sergent veteran

tsm.jpg Terminator

scout.jpg Scout

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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The linked page says Raptors, so derived from the Raven Guard Legion.


It's always interesting to see someone not do the obvious. In this case, we have the double twist - a Chapter with heavy use of the flame motif (and additional use of a reptile image) that isn't derived from the Salamanders Legion; and a Chapter derived from the Raven Guard Legion that doesn't appear to use the standard assault/reconnaissance concept.


The only "discrepancy" I see is the dark skin. The gene-seed of the Raven Guard Legion Successors is known to have a mutation/failure that typically results in pale skin. The lack of pale skin in the Fire Watch might be explained as revitalized gene-seed (perhaps they received an induction of gene-seed that didn't have the mutation/failure from stores, or perhaps some experimentation or mixture with other gene-seed "fixed" the problem - whatever rationale is used, if any, should probably be minimal to avoid over-rationalization).


Someone has put the Space Marine Painter to good use. thumbsup.gif


My only concern is that the color scheme looks very busy. I can imagine it becoming a chore to paint on actual miniatures. Since I'm not painting them, though, that's not my problem; and if the OP enjoys painting them up, more power to him.


Please submit this Chapter to the Tabula Astartes and the 1,000 Chapter Gallery Project.

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