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Death Rider Supreme Command Detachment

Death Corps of KriegDeath Riders Cadia Deathwatch Raptors

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Had this idea to convert some cyberwolves and fenrisian wolves into rough riders to fit into an army I'm working on.


I'm already allying Guard with Deathwatch (also with Blood Angels and Raven Guard) and have been using space marine scouts mixed with cadian parts, so will do the same with scout bikers riding wolves.


Spent a bit of time figuring out the story and tactics tonight, would love to know if you think the list is competitive?



++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Deathwatch) [78 PL, 1349pts, 2CP] ++
Armory of the Watch Fortress (2 Relics) [-3CP]


+ HQ +

Librarian with Jump Pack [7 PL, 124pts]: 1) Veil of Time, 6) Null Zone, Force sword, Jump Pack, Storm Bolter
Watch Captain [7 PL, 107pts]: Jump Pack, Master-crafted boltgun, Relic blade, The Beacon Angelis
Watch Master [7 PL, 130pts]: Tome of the Ectoclades


+ Troops +

Intercessors [14 PL, 240pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
. 4 x Hellblaster: Plasma incinerator
. 5 x Intercessor: Bolt rifle
. Intercessor Sergeant: Bolt rifle, Chainsword

Intercessors [18 PL, 346pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
. 2 x Aggressor: Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launchers
. 3 x Inceptor: 2x Plasma Exterminator
. 4 x Intercessor: Auto Bolt Rifle
. Intercessor Sergeant: Auto Bolt Rifle, Chainsword

Intercessors [15 PL, 267pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
. Aggressor: Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launchers
. 4 x Hellblaster: Heavy Plasma Incinerator
. 4 x Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle
. Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword, Stalker Bolt Rifle


+ Fast Attack +
Inceptor Squad [10 PL, 135pts]
. 3 x Inceptor: 2x Assault bolter


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [21 PL, 357pts, 7CP] ++
Imperial Commander's Armoury [-1CP]: 1 additional Heirloom of Conquest
Regimental Doctrine: Regiment: Cadian


+ HQ +
Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword, Grand Strategist, Warlord
Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword, Relic: The Laurels of Command
Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword, Relic: Kurov's Aquila


+ Troops +
3 x Infantry Squad [3 PL, 56pts]
. 7x Guardsman
. Heavy Weapon Team: Missile launcher
. Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword


+ Elites +
3 x Command Squad [2 PL, 32pts]
. 4 x Veteran w/ Special Weapon: Sniper rifle


++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [21 PL, 293pts, 1CP] ++
Regimental Doctrine: Death Korps of Krieg


+ HQ +
5 x Death Korps Death Rider Squadron Commander [3 PL, 45pts]: Death Korps Hunting Lance, Death Korps Orders, Demolition Charge, Hot-Shot Lasgun


+ Elites +
Death Korps Death Rider Command Squadron [6 PL, 68pts]
. 4x Death Korps Death Rider Veterans: 4x Death Korps Hunting Lance

++ Total: [120 PL, 1999pts, 10CP] ++

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Your supreme command is invalid. It looks as though you have 5 death rider commanders. You're allowed no more than 3 of any data sheet. Also, there is no need to bring both the aquila and grand strategist. The most you can get back in command points per turn is 1 CP. I'd drop grand strategist and probably go with old tenacious survivor or superior tactical training and give that guy laurels of command. If you're really concerned about CP, you can bring Creed and make him warlord. That gives you an extra 2 CP.

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