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Trying to theme, could use help

Eldar Tau Tyranids

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Good evening house,


I'm planning an Apoc game for my crew, and so far it's looking like it'll be Eldar/Eldar vs Tau/Tyranids.


I'm having a hard time coming up with a theme to make it an excellent narrative event, so are there any good ideas frater out there might have? I'm all ears!

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Bryan Blaire

Bryan Blaire


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Tau attack an Eldar Maiden World, searching for some rumored tech they want to reverse engineer to incorporate into a new battlesuit or in an effort to find a way into the Webway to allow their Sphere expansions to accelerate or to simply study it. The Eldar counterattack is relatively easy. The 'Nids are drawn to the Maiden World due to some kind of psychic beacon triggered by the Tau exploration (maybe that also notifies the Eldar) or some initial barrier being erected to try and hold off the Tau calls them, etc. Obviously the Tau aren't going to survive the 'Nids either, but maybe they are hoping that they can draw them across the Eldar war path to buy them time to escape with their information and get away.

Most any scenario involving the 'Nids I can think of is going to involve some kind of lure, call, or trigger - or them already being on/approaching the planet and being used in some fashion, which means the Tau would need a reason to be on-planet doing something that likely two Eldar factions/Craftworlds would want to stop them over.
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Diocletian Coros

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Though a bit far fetched, you could also call the Tyranids in this scenario a new race recently added to the Tau Empire. So they are not real tyranids but more a race like Kroot, Vespids, etc.


The idea from Bryan is also quite good and mostly the solution for my scenarios too. The 'nids are just there or are somewhat called/lured into the fray. If you have the opportunity put the eldar in the middle and let the Tau and 'nids attack from two sides. That way the Tau/'nids don't have to have a alliance. The eldar are just between a rock and a hard place ;) 

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Perhaps it could be the Tyranids attacking a Tau world, only for Eldar to appear to assist both sides for reasons known only to them?


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