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Chaos daemon prince (old) is phased out completely

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Brother-serpent Tylydox

Brother-serpent Tylydox


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Funny enough.  I've just email GW Customer service today, to see if it where possible to bring the Daemon Prince back as a last chance to buy with Chaos due for release pretty soon.


Not quite sure how long the Finecast version has been out of stock (not included Australia web site) , but I know it has been a little while.  I'm currently trying to find the once I have to paint strip & have already been on ebay to get one for my World Eater & just recently got another today for my Black legion.


It a shame as it among one of my top five favriote Games Workshop models. 



Three days ago I missed an awesome deal on Ebay where a guy from US was selling two (!) metal ones, one still in the box for $55 US + shipping.  By the time I checked all other websites to make sure it was indeed a good deal, somebody bought them and sure enough, two days later not exactly the same one but still in a box pops up for $150 US.  I also though they would sell them for ever, that's why I rushed to get one.

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Son of Carnelian

Son of Carnelian


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I'd prefer resin with a model like that. (On a related note, the Made to Order they do once the new Codex drops will be a gold mine.)




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=][= Items being removed from the GW site are not considered news and there's little room for constructive discussion on this topic. As such, I'm closing this thread. =][=



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