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Things i'd like necrons to have.

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Beatnik cryptek

Beatnik cryptek


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I wish we had multiple types of scarabs. The damn tau bave several types of drones, gun drones, sheodl dronesnes, missile drones, heavy gun Sri es, cloak dro es, weapon boost drones, ad infinitum.

We get scarabs. Period. How about some scarabs that can intercept hits aimed at a character? How abiut shroud drones that generate a field around units that makes them -1 to be hit in shooting? How about drones that fight in close combat along with characters making them harder in melee and takes the first scored wounds?

Sure out done scan do the self destruct bit if you have CP and a spider can maybe add afew new scarab bases. But we still have just the onescarabe unless you're a weinie who counts the cryptek with the big scarab under it.




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I'd settle for some adjustments that make scarabs more of a threat in combat. AP-3 on wounds of 6 would be nice. Need that, "massive-metallic-flying-insect-swarm-coming-to-nomnom-your-face" feel. Perhaps a rule or strat that allows for a unit of them to generate d3 bases for every unit they kill. It is in the fluff after all. Nomnom, self replication.

Come to think of it...Gw has been known to make fluff with rules that do not match, but in this instance wouldnt it be nice? It would breath new life into scarabs and spiders. I'd propose that scarabs self replicate as described above. And spiders instead, could choose to use nanoscarabs to either repair wounds to a unit(and not just vehicles), or tear them apart with a ranged attack. And in addition, have an aura ability that only affects canoptek to represent the command function they seem to have in the fluff. Further amplified if the unit is made up of 3 spiders.

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